FEATURE: Aida, Maxwell & the Blue Rose (concert review)


Disclaimer: The following words may or may not be viewed as a concert spoiler. Use discretion when reading. Note: This post contains elements of a Maxwell fan concert review from Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, Netherland, October 5, 2008.

…Eventually, we arrived at the Heineken Music Hall around 1 pm. There was nobody and it was raining all the time. A lot. A lot of maxrain.

We had so much fun though, talking, singing and listening to max songs…it was cool, cold, but cool. The first other people that arrived came like around 4 pm. It was a couple and they were ok. Then the next people were two girls and they came like 1 or 2 hours later.

Around that time a guy that was working inside told Debby that Max was suppose to arrive around 5 pm to do a soundcheck. We were so excited so we went to the backside of the venue, to the artist entrance. We met a guy there who was waiting also for him, to sign his cd’s. So we waited there for like 1.5 hours but no Max. We saw the crew and the band come in, but no Max. Then it was like 6:30 pm and the doors were supposed to open at 7pm so we went back to the front to secure our spots. The lines in front of the doors were now a lil bigger, like 20/25 people.

So we kept waiting and waiting, finally they opened the doors, but then, the doors to the stage were kept closed (or at least so we thought). We were runnnnning to those doors, only to be left there standing for like…30+ min…OMG you guys I was sooo pissed, tired, hungry, everything. I couldn’t take it anymore. The group split up at different doors and we kept hearing music. There wasn’t gonna be a special guest anymore-so no Lil Kim-but there would be a DJ playing. Eventually we saw a guy coming out of the room…we’re like huh? Open those doors man..AND THE DOORS WERE OPEN! So everybody rannnn to the stage, where there were already people standing, a lot. We didn’t give a Phuck=excuse my French. I was like, I’m Sorry you guys, I’ve been here since 1pm. IM GONNA BE IN THE FRONT! Thank god my other friends were already totallly in the front, again the fence so we went to them. A lot of haters my god, I understand though but still…people were like; na-uh where are you guys going, so rude blabla. I eventually fought myself to the front but Debby made it to like…2 people behind me. These bitches did not wanna let her get to me, I was talking to them and they had so much attitude, we almost had a fight there. But ok, Debby and I then decided that she was gonna go in front of them whenever the show would start…Must-a been soon right?

Well, NOT. Max was supposed to come on at 8.30 pm. And he didn’t come till like 10 pm.

Mind you, we were waiting since 1 pm and we, or at least. I was sooo tired, I hadn’t eaten..Just ti-redd. I wasn’t feeling that well and I honestly could cry. I didn’t expect for Max to be late and I just thought the whole night was gonna flop!

Nevertheless, I did not like it when people were getting tired of waiting too, they started ‘booo-ing’ him and I was like noooo don’t boo my baby. So we started yelling MAXWELL-MAXWELL-MAXWELL! (I heard through the grapevine that Max had himself locked in his room and was meditating cause he was very nervous)

But Boy was I wrong or WHAT!! Mister Swagger himself came up eventually around 10 pm –

He came and started with ‘This Woman’s Work’. When I heard those first notes, my God..Alll my feelings of irritation, tiredness, hunger, everything…just disappeared like snow in the sun. I sung along but then though…Na-uh I wanna hear His voice. I couldn’t believe that I was here in front of Maxwell, seeing him sing This Woman’s Work. One year ago I could only dream my wildest dream but now IT was true. God is good. Now I have to dream bigger dreams.

He didn’t look nervous at all, he let the crowd sing along and was smiling through it..I could almost cry.

And then he did Lifetime. Loved it, his voice was a lil raspy at times but I loved it. Fortunately he took off his glasses that he had on when he came on stage. And then…it happened…HE LOOKED AT ME…AND HE RECOGNIZED ME. TEARS JUST APPEARED IN MY EYES AS I TYPED THIS…he recognized me you guys…he smiled soo biig and I smiled back, and I screameddd and everyone around was like; huh…yeahh? Ok well and they screamed too, I guess. I wouldn’t know actually cause my day was already a done deal. Mister Max recognized me. In-cre-di-ble. I was just done right there.

Then followed, ‘For Lovers Only’ and ‘Everwanting.’ My cousin, who was with me, started crying immediately. This was her dream cause it’s her Fav song and she always cries when she hears it, so that him doing it live was her dream coming true too. Max made a Lot of dreams come true that night.

By this time, I had thrown the t-shirt on stage, I don’t think Max saw it but some of his crewmembers took it backstage with his jacket, so he must have gotten it.

Meanwhile, Max kept looooking at us. He recognized Debby too, how? We don’t even know cause she doesn’t have a picture as her profile pic. I believe she has one small black/white pic on her page, but still! DANG brotha!

Max kept grooving, jamming, dancing…wow he teased us sooo bad with the dancing, dancing extra smooth and sexy and ‘ish. And you guys know how he does, making those sexy jokes like; Can I go down for 45 min….TO THE STORES…come on, you guys are nastyy LOLOL. He also said thank you for waiting and that he knew that it took his black ass a long time to come but that he just wanted everything to be perfect.
During ‘Get to Know Ya’ I wanted to give him the rose. I had 3 or 4 in my hands and we tried to throw one but it fell on the ground 😦

Then it was time for the new songs. He did pretty wings; he was sooo shocked and surprised to see that some people could sing along the words already…I was screaming a long and he looked at me and smiled like; dangg girll?! LOL…Then he did ‘Bad Habits’ which was like a song with a Latin twist to it If I remember correctly.

Then he did SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL. He didn’t do another song off BSN, but I think this was what he meant when he said 3 new songs. Omg I was screaming sooooooo loudly when I heard those first notes to this song, people once again were like…Ok girl, you must be tripping. I even sung that part (cuz he didn’t) when on BET he says: “you wanna give me some love BET”…I was screaming; “you wanna give me some love Amsterdam?” LOL

Ok, so I don’t know exactly when…but during one time he jumped on this thing, I believe it was a box in front of him so he was soo close to us. I had my flower in my hand and I wanted to hand it over to him. And he leaned to the front and I gave it to him. MY GODD…it was sooo funny cause he couldn’t catch it so we kept struggling for like a good 10 secs! Then he had ittt and he first threw it on stage, but then he put it on the mic. HE PUT THE FLOWER ON HIS MIC YOU GUYS

I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIEE..Mission accomplished!!

Then he sung ‘Fortunate’ and ‘Ascension. Great great great, don’t know what to say about that. I was still in shock of everything that happened. Then during ‘Ascension’, you guyssss..he brought the mic to usssssss, to sing in it.

picturethis;max.standing.in.front.of.me.with.the.mic.in.my.face.looking.right.at.me.while.i.was.singing.to.him.dont.ever.wonderrrrrrrrrr I’m just in tears once again and my hands are shaking. I don’t ever wanna forget that moment!
it was captured great in this picture.

SIGHHHHHHHH..Just wow. I was singing and screaming off key but I didn’t careeeeee of course.

Then people were really hating, so he then brought the mic to the other side too, you know, just to keep them happy lol. I don’t know if it was after this song, but he then jumped of stage and came and gave everybody in the front like a handclap!! So, then I touched himm too. And wow, even more happy than possible!

The show was almost over. He then did TTCCK…OMG soo sexy. He stopped and was like; where are the panties, where are the panties??  And we were screaming maxxxxxxx look there in front of you there are our panties. I had already thrown the granny panties but they fell on the box in front of him. First he didn’t hear us or whatever, but later he saw them. He looked at us and was like; you have some panties for me? And I was like yeaahh look there, and he saw them. He grabbed them. He laughed. He PUT IT ON HIS HEAD.HE SNIFFED.YOU GUYS.HE SNIFFED THE PANTIES. I was in totalllllllllllllll shock! Then he put the panties in his back pocket. ROFLMAO! Picture of him with the panties will be added later. Honestly, this night kept getting better and better and better.

AND.THEN.MAXWELL.SAID.”I.LOVE.YOU.AIDA.”on stage. I repeat: MAXWELL SAID I LOVE YOU AIDA THANK YOU ON STAGE. and he pronounced it correctly. Now I must ask you guys..HOWWWWW Whyy? I am soo not worthyy Simply not worthy. I was just…In a loss for words. Truely.

He came back for an encore, ‘Whenever.’ We filmed this one so hopefully this will be on very soon. Then it was time for them to leave. The band all introduced themselves, and during this moment he looked and me and mimed like; “Thank you so much…and I was like, no thank you. And gave him hand kissess and like hand gestures from my heart to his..OMG pfff.. And Debby was in the front thank god so we were next to eachother dancing and singing a long, and he kept looking at us. REALLY TRULY A DREAM.

And then we left..Maxwell left the building. We were in shock of everything that happened. We were DONE…

To view this concert review in its entirety, unedited click here.

Aida, Maxwell & the Blue Rose, feature concert review for The Latest Maxwell News presents “From the Other Side of the Side a Maxwell fan’s perspective.”

Copyright Aida © 2008. All words were used with permission of the owner. Photos provided by urbanhangsuite.hyves.nl. Special thanks to Aida for allowing The Latest Maxwell News to feature her concert review.


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4 Responses to “FEATURE: Aida, Maxwell & the Blue Rose (concert review)”

  1. A kingswife Says:

    Aida Thank you so much for your review. It was so capitvating and has me even more excited then I already was for his NYC show on 11/23. I know it seems crazy but I can completely understand how you felt during the show. I am a huge Amel Larrieux fan and until now I have never heard of another artist recognizing their fans and acknowledging them like she does. Amel has done it every show I’ve been too (at least 7) and the feeling is incredible. Maxwell is one of the finest male artists of our time and this will be my 3rd time seeing him. I love that you have created this space for us and thank you again for posting your recap. You’ll be floating on cloud nine for days and days to come. Enjoy

  2. Aida Says:

    @ Kingswife..thank you for your kind words.It was my pleasure.All these years Ive been living off everybody else’s experiences so now that it was my turn,I of course had to return the favor.

    I absolutely love Amel Larrieux too,she always seemed as one who would cherish her fans like that too.Lovely.

    Enjoy the concert on 11/23..Although I am MAXsolutely sure that you wil LOL

  3. Tomma Says:


    I’m sitting here with my head pressed to the computer and my mouth open; your review is so vivid so captivating. I am so happy for you that your dreams were realized, it is truly a blessing to know that Max knows and now shows that he loves his Max fam just as much as we love him. I’m glad you enjoyed the show. (I wish he would come to Nashville)

  4. Aida Says:

    Thank you Tomma..
    So that means you wont be able to see him? 😦

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