FEATURE: “Wow, what a show!” (concert review)


The following is a review of Maxwell’s appearance October 8, 2008 at Boston Opera House in Boston, MA. Enjoy.

This was one of the most exciting concerts I have gone to for quite a while, and I attend concerts on a regular basis. Now a days, with all the processed music, with drums machines and samples copied from days gone by, it’s hard to find real music and genuine on-stage talent anymore. Well, Maxwell ‘put it down’ at his US tour opener at the Boston Opera House (that means he really did well for you uninitiated types), proving that he can still get on stage and mesmerize an audience.

He was an amazing presence on stage. It took him all of about 2 minutes to win the hearts of the crowd. The band played the intro of his first song with the curtains drawn. Then only seconds after the curtains opened, there he appeared on a platform in the back of the stage, in a nice classic dark suit and bow tie (fashionably untied, of course), moving very gracefully all over the stage. After a most powerful opening number, he took time before the next song to apologize for his extended absence from the music scene. He then proceeded to tear the house down, belting out phenomenal vocals, both in his familiar upper register as well as his lesser known, but just as smooth, tenor range. He surprised me with some very impressive foot work. I did not know the man could dance. His moves were succinct with the breaks of the band and never missed a beat.

The band performed very well, winding through the familiar ballad grooves that make Maxwell, well, Maxwell. You could definitely hear remnants of the Sade sound when the band played these unbelievable syncopated rhythms that made you want to move to the beat. All musicians were at the top of their game. The horn section even doubled as back up singers along with a solo female back up vocalist, and they all did one heck of a job. He continuously acknowledged the crowd, thanking them for being there and even at one point saying, “I love you Boston.” I know to some it may sounds hokey but who doesn’t like to hear it anyway.

He played a full set, almost 2 hours, doing a couple of songs from his upcoming album and his most popular songs from his pasted albums, he also included a couple of encores. At the end of the evening you were definitely satisfied with the performance. You know that feeling that you have when you leave the theater thinking, “Wow, what a show!” That’s how I felt after the concert. If you miss this one you will miss a chance to see greatness at its best. Thank you Maxwell for letting us have just a little more of you.

David Walker
Boston, MA

“Wow, what a show!” feature concert review for The Latest Maxwell News presents “From the Other Side of the Side a Maxwell fan’s perspective.”

Copyright David Walker © 2008. All words were used with permission of the owner. Special thanks to David for allowing The Latest Maxwell News to feature his concert review.


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    I’m hearing nothing but fabulous things about Maxwell’s band. Cool. Kudos to Maxwell’s band. 😀

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