FEATURE: An Extraordinarily Fabulous Experience! (concert review)


Disclaimer: The following words may or may not be viewed as a concert spoiler. Use discretion when reading. Note: This post contains elements of a Maxwell fan concert review from Massey Hall, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, October 12, 2008.

I got to the concert venue at 7:15pm. By this time, my back was having a deep and meaningful conversation with me, as it wasn’t too happy about all the running around. I had to promptly tell it to shut the hell up with the help of some Percocet.

7:30pm I stroll up to the doors were a few ladies were already standing and I figured that I better do some investigation to see if they were the good time ladies I was hoping to find at the concert. And yes they were, all eight were from Buffalo. Let me tell you, three of those fine looking ladies were those healthy looking cornbread corn fed ladies Max was soon to sing about. We chatted until the doors opened at 7:45pm. I was the only Max virgin in the bunch. They told me that I was in for a treat.

I parted ways with the lovely Buffalo ladies and proceeded to my seat, which was in the second row to the left of the stage. It was a very good seat though I soon found that I wouldn’t be able to get too close to the stage should the opportunity arise, plus I was told that security was pretty tight so it seemed unlikely that anyone would be allowed to stand too close to the stage. But at this point I am hoping for the best.

8:00pm Jazmine Sullivan was actually quite good but let’s face it I wasn’t really that bothered about her, so I was happy she did an half hour set.

8:30pm until 9:00pm this part was torture everyone was getting antsy for Max to come on. This is the time I noticed that I was smack dab in the middle of couple city. That was a little annoying, especially the couple in the front row. The woman (heifer) had the most outrageously long figure nails with this big fake ass looking ring on her left hand rubbing her hands all over her man and looking back at those of us there without a partner, namely me, with this big s**t eating grin on her face as if to say at least I got me a man!! I so wanted to smack both there heads together. To keep myself occupied I got talking to this other lady who was there alone so we passed the rest of the time in major anticipation.

9:05pm and the Magic began!!!! The band came on first in black suits, whites shirts and black bow ties they immediately started playing the “Suite Theme” and the screaming began, heck even I was screaming, I just got caught up in the moment. Then the back-up singers strolled on and the screaming and barking got even louder. Then Max appeared in dark glasses a Charcoal grey suit with a white shirt and his bow tie slung around his neck as if he just came from a swanky dinner and stopped by to chill out for a while. Oh My God!! Maxwell in living colour, just steps away from me.

As I live and breath that was the quintessential moment for me. I had a rush of emotions, I was nervous, awed, excited had the chills and broke out in a sweat all at once. I was so elated I swear my feet left the ground.

He started singing “Get to know You” and the house really came alive it was like being at a party everyone was jamming including me!! I couldn’t help but wonder where in the heck does he get his energy from, he was dancing and gyrating and jumping all over the place as he went into “Noone”. So this is what you all were talking about. Why did I have to wait this long to see poetry in motion??

He slowed things down with “Lifetime” and an absolutely breathtaking rendition of “This Woman’s Work”. Just when we thought that he will keep the slow pace for awhile he starts to get us warmed up again with “Ever Wanting To Want You To Want” and gets down on the floor and goes to town with the humping and bumping, damn that was as sexy as all hell. It’s funny because I noticed that the coupled up ladies were trying so hard not to get too carried away but the guys were cheering Max on. Of course, I stared down the heifer with the talons and humongous fake ring and gave her the look that said see that’s why I’m here by myself enjoying the hell out of this show so there!!!

Max is now sweating up a storm as he sings ”Sumthin, Sumthin” and holds the mike up for the audience to join him. By this time, we are all on our feet dancing and singing and I was having the time of my life. I totally refused to let my back get in my way. This was my moment and I was bound and determined to savour ever last drop. Now I couldn’t tell you exactly what he began singing at this point but I did get some video so once I figure out how to upload the darn thing you can see for yourselves but needless to say he was getting down with the get down, if that makes any sense! I have some photos too but I must warn you I am crap at taking pictures and he just wouldn’t stay in one spot long enough, though I am not complaining one little bit. He then sang “Was My Girl” which is a song that has really grown on me, so this was a pleasant surprise that he chose to perform it.

At this point Maxwell has taken off his jacket and when he comes over to my side his sweat actually landed on the woman in front of me who reacts as if she was hit by acid, the silly cow!

Now Maxwell takes a moment to just rap with us, he seemed really awed that Toronto has some “fine Ass Women” (his words not mine) and what he proceeds to say that what he really likes is that they (the fine ass Toronto women) don’t know that they are fine. I could listen to him speak all day, he has that self-deprecating manner that is so sexy and endearing at the same time.

Even after all of these years he seemed genuinely touched and very happy that we appreciate and love him as much as we do. He was like a kid in a candy store. He also tells the brothers that he is just warming things up for them for when they get home tonight. Be still my heart!! I reckon if someone had pinched me I wouldn’t have felt a thing.

He then asked us if he could sing something new for us and proceeded to sing “Pretty Wings”, he even got the audience to sing along on the chorus, that was a special moment to hear the song that we have been listening to for months in it’s entirety. It is truly a beautiful song. Now I started to record this as well but the blasted security guy busted me and told me I couldn’t take any video. I did get a short video before I had to stop recording. I totally forgot all about security, it was only then that I noticed just how many of them there were they looked like a swarm of bloody bees dressed in those yellow shirts, stationed along the sides and at each end of the stage. Anyway, I wasn’t the only one they busted and at least they were fairly decent about it. That didn’t even dampen my enjoyment, I was in the zone!!

Max followed that with “Simply Beautiful”; to me it topped the BET Awards performance by far. Can I tell you that at this point I thought I had died and gone to heaven , I must have been really good in a past life to be granted this special gift, I can’t put it any other way.

Next comes “Fortunate”, those legendary first notes had the house in an uproar. I am actually hoarse from all the screaming. If you had asked me before this if I would or could react like I did at this concert I would have said absolutely not, that’s not my style, I am too proper and circumspect. Circumspection and all decorum went right out the window, I screamed and waved and sang like there was no tomorrow and I would gladly do it again. I must say, this was a very liberating experience. Gees, I have been living under a rock all this time. I never knew that I could have such a good time all by myself at a concert no less.

Forgive I am tired and my back hurts but I think that at this point Max came to the edge of the stage and said this is the time that he takes to get to know folks. There was this healthy looking lady in the first row who goes up to Max who is now sitting on the edge of the stage and he hugs her and she tells him that she wrote a song for him and gave him a piece of paper and he says “aw she wrote me a song y’all”.

This is when I also realize that I am stuck in the middle and there was no way that I could get to the stage to at least touch him, so close but yet so far (sigh) others folks in the front row started to swarm the stage but security zeroed in pretty sharpish so she was the only one that got a hug from him, she was one very lucky lady.

Okay back to Maxwell, He then says he would like to try something out on us if it’s alright with us and he was met with a resounding hell yes!! Those of you that went to the New York Show know what comes next, “Bad Habits”, it seems that the entire audience had already previewed this compliments of Youtube because when that funky tune started we were jamming like it was an old time favourite, that joint is banging!! Forgive me if that is a passé term but it was!! I was whining my waist along with Maxwell, but I couldn’t hold a candle to him, boy can move! Makes me think about what he must be like in the bedroom, Okay Paulette get your mind out of the gutter!! Oh but can you all just imagine? Have mercy!

Now I’m thinking wait a minute, he hasn’t asked for any panties yet and I have these big old 18-inch wide drawers burning a whole in my bag. I drew an outline of a big red heart on the front and wrote MFF in it and on the back I wrote Maxwell fan forum and signed my name so I represented the MaxFam. I’ll tell you more in a minute about them there granny drawers!! Anyway, the song that I have personally been waiting for comes next, “Til The Cops Come Knockin”. Now if the show ended right here I would have been content, It was well worth the wait, is it me or does this song get sexier every time I hear it. Well, It was off the Richter scale on the sexiness meter tonight. So he gets done winding us up and getting us all hot and bothered and a little voice in my head says now Paulette NOW!! He turns towards the band and I let it rip and SCORE!! The “Drawers”, which I wrapped around some artificial blue roses, landed just to the left of Max and bingo he picks them up and starts to unwrap them and busts out laughing because of the sheer size of these things.

Oh My, he looked like a little boy who found something that shouldn’t be funny but he just cant help himself from letting out a big guffaw. I can’t believe I did it. He shows the audience and low and behold, there is the heart with MFF for all to see of course we join him and had a good laugh, I got quite a few high fives and I was as proud as a peacock that I actually did it. He asked if we were trying to tell him something and drapes them around his neck and then puts it in his back pocket.

This was a great intro to “Ascension” if I do say so myself. Naturally, everyone is on our feet just basking in the moment, I had a flash back because this was the song that made me really sit up and take notice of Maxwell so it holds a special place in my heart.

Then Max thanks us profusely, blows us kisses bows and bids us good night and proceeds to leave the stage and the band follows suit. Of course it wasn’t that abrupt but that’s the gist of what happened. However, my reaction was, and the audience too was WHAT, heck no, HELL NO, we wanted more and the entire hall erupts in screams, catcalls, whistles, barking, clapping, a total cacophony of pure unadulterated noise, it was a beautiful thing to behold!. The hall was actually pitch black, but that just couldn’t be the end, I wasn’t ready for it to be the end and I wasn’t alone.

Then we saw motion on stage and the audience including me, got even louder and little by little the lights come back on and Maxwell comes back and graces us with “Whenever, Wherever, Whatever” which he sings while sitting on a platform just below the band. I have to tell you that I almost wet my pants when he sang in Spanish. The screaming that went on during that was something else. I am pretty certain that the guy beside me who was there with his wife, must have almost done himself an injury because he made the strangest sound as if he was about to scream but realized in the nick of time that he would have some explaining to do if he did. Bro I feel your pain! And that folks was the end of the show. Maxwell made the mistake of getting too close to the edge of the stage again and I saw hands grab him and almost pull him off the stage. There was a mass of women trying to hand him flowers and telling him they loved him and hoping to get a piece of him. Trust me if I had been at that end of the hall, lets just say that he would know who I was and I would have a bit more to tell.

After the Show

I am still on a high, though the pain meds could account for some of that.

My fellow Maxwell lovers, I hope I did justice to the magnificence of this amazing evening. Gosh It’s a quarter to five, I have to get some sleep. My family doesn’t know it yet but they will have to finish off our Turkey dinner because I am beat and this old back is going to pay me back big time, it’s already promising all sorts a nasty things. I am sure I will come back and edit this but I wanted to get it to you while the details are still swarming around in my mind. I hope all Maxwell fans get a chance to have an extraordinarily fabulous Maxwell experience, I know I did. –Much Max love, hugs and kisses, Paulette

To view this concert review in its entirety, unedited click here

An Extraordinarily Fabulous Experience, feature concert review for The Latest Maxwell News presents “From the Other Side of the Side a Maxwell fan’s perspective.”

Copyright Paulette © 2008. All words were used with permission of the owner. Photos provided by the owner Paulette E. Special thanks to Paulette for allowing The Latest Maxwell News to feature her concert review.


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6 Responses to “FEATURE: An Extraordinarily Fabulous Experience! (concert review)”

  1. DeeDee Says:

    Paulette I too was at this concert and you captured the moment quite well! Reading through your review I smiled all the way through as I was able to relive all of the experiences that you wrote about. Maxwell simple put is *BEAUTIFUL*. I’ve been a fan for a long time and will always remain a faithful fan. I brought my god-daughter for her 16th birthday and my niece for her 20th. Let’s just say I scored a lot of brownie points as they enjoyed the moment more than mere words can say. Ascencion still remains my # 1 tune!~

  2. Paulette Says:

    Thank you so much. It was an awesome experience for me, it was my first time seeing him and I am just in awe of the man. Plus I have a big old crush on him too. Your god-daughter and niece are very lucky to have you. That was a fabulous treat for them both I am sure. Max fans forever girl!!

    TTCCK is my jam and I also love Know These Things: Shouldn’t You. I can’t wait to see him again, maybe we will bump into each other when he comes back to Toronto.

    Take care,


  3. Mis-T Says:

    Paulette, thank you so much for your very detailed description. I am going to drive next from ATL to Birmingham w/ a girlfriend who has already seen him (I’m a virgin too!) so I can’t wait. My tix aren’t 2nd row but I don’t care. The fact that I’ll be in the same place “breathing the breath that he breathes” is enough for me. So glad they didn’t cxl that show!! BTW, hope your back is much better (I bet a MAX-sage would have helped immensely!!) Hee-hee…


  4. Paulette Says:

    Mis-T, thank you. You will have an absolute blast. It will be an experience regardless of were you are sitting. Just being in the same room with Maxwell will be exciting and breath taking trust me on that!I You are a sweetheart for asking about my back, actually it is still pretty bad but I am still on my Maxhigh so that is helping me get through. A Maxsage would be just the ticket, I can only dream! Please drive safe and have the best time ever!!

  5. tee Says:

    thank you paulette
    i can’t see any live maxwell performance live in person becuse i am in the caribbean, but gyal yuh made me feel as if i were actually there (big drawers and all) . thanx 4 that . and i officailly attend his concerts vicariously through u keep up the god work. i knew he would be great in concert. he is timeless and the embodiment of what every man should aspire to be. bless!

  6. Paulette Says:

    Thanks tee, girl you never know maybe you will get a chance to see him in concert after all, plus Youtube is blowing up with videos of his concerts. You can count on me that when I see him next I will definitely keep you in mind so I will get as much details as possible. ; ) If more men could be like Maxwell, the world would be so much better and we would be so much more satisfied and happier!!

    By the way, where in the Caribbean are you?

    Much respect!

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