Access Granted “South Africa” (footage link)


If you missed it or want to see MAXWELL on Access Granted (South Africa) again, never fear, BET has uploaded the video(s) 8 in total to their website. Thank you for small miracles! I guess, not only did Maxwell luck up but so did the fans when he partnered with BET.

It may take a second or minute for the video to load. Some advice, for some reason when playing video clips on BET’s website they are kinda choppy, best thing to do would be once the footage starts hit pause and wait a couple of beats then hit play. Repeat this process again if the clip becomes choppy. This gives the video footage some time to load. So, once you hit play the video plays straight through with no problem.

Please enjoy the footage, I know you will. And feel free to leave a comment.

Video Footage Link:

Thanks for the link **Mr. and Mrs. C**


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2 Responses to “Access Granted “South Africa” (footage link)”

  1. tee Says:

    i saw the south africa access granted and it was moving and soooo maxwell ! maxwell was humble and fresh at the same time .perfect!

  2. thelatestmaxwellnews Says:

    Yes, he sure was. Did you see him getting teary. Maxwell – I hope someone gave you a hug.

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