FEATURE: “Finally” (concert review)


The following is a short review of Maxwell’s appearance October 20, 2008 at Fox Theatre in Detroit, MI. Enjoy.

So, Sunday night was the Maxwell concert in Detroit. I was excited but not concerned because I’d seen Maxwell in concert several times and the man and his band ALWAYS satisfy. This night was no different. His voice was wonderful, he looked scrumdillyishus and the band was slammin’.

I forgot how funny he was and apparently the man has taken up yoga because he’s developed a severe case of swivel hips-not that I’m complaining. I gotta thang for flexibility in a man but I digress. The crowd was truly feeling Maxwell even if we didn’t put panties on his stage-he got a nice bouquet of flowers instead. That’s how we do in the D.

The best way I can wrap this up is to encourage all who have not seen him live to do so and to truly thank him for giving such a great performance. The drought is over people.


“Finally” feature concert review for The Latest Maxwell News presents “From the Other Side of the Side a Maxwell fan’s perspective.”

Copyright MAXNY7 © 2008. All words were used with permission of the owner. Special thanks to the owner for allowing The Latest Maxwell News to feature her concert review.


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3 Responses to “FEATURE: “Finally” (concert review)”

  1. tee Says:

    thanx for lettin’true diehard maxwell fans kno how the concert xperience is especially the ones (like myself) who live in the caribbean and can only pray that one day he makes it to the caribbean. i attend his concerts vicariously through people like you! thanx again .

  2. thelatestmaxwellnews Says:

    Hey Tee, we most definitely need to get Maxwell to the Caribbean Islands, so he can show you all some love too.

  3. toys3boys Says:

    Saw Maxwell November 14, this is the best concert my husband and I have been to. He gives you every penny worth you spent be it 300 to 57. He doesn’t disappoint on any level.

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