FEATURE: “My first Maxwell Experience!” (concert review)


The following is a review of Maxwell’s appearance October 09, 2008 at Radio City Music Hall in New York, NY. Enjoy.

On October 9th in New York City, I planned on jamming with one of my favorite musicians but I had no idea what to expect. I had never been to a Maxwell concert and I never knew how fans would react to him but I knew I would have a great time.

Never did I imagine that I would pay over $100 for floor seats and be able to barely hear Maxwell sing! I was not that close to see the sweat on Maxwell’s face but I did see the entire stage and I heard his voice perfectly when I was not interrupted by the woman sitting next to me.

An overzealous fan ruined my first Maxwell experience! The entire night the 40 something lady persisted to scream obscenities to Maxwell by way of my left ear! At first I thought it was funny but then after awhile, I was upset because I could not hear him. Her two favorite phases, “I will work your narrow ass” and “sing that shyt boye.”

I was disappointed and annoyed that I had this commentary all night. I did give her the evil eye a few times but unfortunately since she was a little tipsy she was not paying attention to me being annoyed with her and then I did say, “Okay, let’s calm down.” By her constant outbursts not only was I disappointed but my entire row was on edge with her.

Not only did she persist to make these comments but she was sort of feeling on herself. Yes, I swear I am not joking! At first I thought my eyes were really playing a mind game on me, but she would yell, “I will work your narrow ass” and then moan a little and then brush her hands on her boobs. This is why I was so distracted that I could barely concentrate or hear Maxwell. When she first did it, I did laugh but when she continued to do it the ENTIRE concert. That is when I wanted to knock her out with either my fist or my camera. I am not a violent person but I had some violent thoughts that night.

To keep myself sane and instead of trying to knock her out with my bony fist, I had my camera like everyone and their mama in the auditorium and I filmed a little of Maxwell doing his concert. Beforehand, I actually called Radio City Music Hall to see if it was okay for me to bring my camera. On the website for Radio City Music Hall, they stated it was up to the discretion of the artist to allow cameras. Since my concert ticket and none of Maxwell’s official websites stated, “absolutely no camera taking,” I took a risk and I had my camera. I was surprised when Maxwell’s concert started and the entire auditorium seemed like a sea of camera lights flipped out of no where.

I did manage to scribble out the play list of songs that he performed (don’t get mad at me Maxwell for sharing this list but the fans want to know who cannot see you!). It may not be 100% accurate but this is what I thought I heard him sing.

1.    Urban Suite Theme

2.    Get to Know Ya (this is where he yelled up, “Get your asses up!” Yes, check out youtube!)

3.    No One

4.   Lifetime

Maxwell made this comment, “It’s been a long time since we have been together.” (everyone screamed over this saying, YES!)

5.  This Woman’s Work

6.  Everwanting

This is where Maxwell got a little risky with the microphone stand. I actually was kinda embarrassed and I had to clasp my face with my hand. I said to myself, “is he trying to be like Bobby Brown?”

7. Sumthin Sumthin

8. New  Song – Pretty Wings

9. Al Green’s Simply Beautiful

This is where Maxwell said, “I likes the girls thick, cornbread, cornflake …” something! It was a great melody.

10. Fortunate

11. New Song – Bad Habits

12. When the Cops Come Knocking

13. Don’t Ever Wonder

14. Whenever, Whatever, Whatever

15. New Song – Cold

Despite being annoyed, I did meet up with some Maxwell fans who made up for the bad time. I am very thankful I could meet up with them, act silly and share our appreciation for Maxwell’s music. If I did not connect with the fans, I think my entire experience would have been ruined and I would not have even shared this story with you here but since I have been loyal to sharing and caring with Maxwell fans internationally, I wanted to be truthful and come clean with what I experienced. Also, if Maxwell did not joke and act silly too that saved my sanity! When he joked that is when this fan was quiet so I could actually hear him talk! This experience may not have happened to you but if someone begins to spoil your joy, will you please ask them to, “SIMMER DOWN?!”!

Fortunately, I do have the opportunity to see Maxwell again next month. I pray it all goes well for me to experience the music. That is all I want and that is all I have ever written about in my blogs in support of his art.


“My First Maxwell Experience!” feature concert review for The Latest Maxwell News presents “From the Other Side of the Side a Maxwell fan’s perspective.”

Copyright JROSE © 2008. All words were used with permission of the owner. Special thanks to the owner for allowing The Latest Maxwell News to feature her concert review.


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3 Responses to “FEATURE: “My first Maxwell Experience!” (concert review)”

  1. Faith Says:

    It’s too bad that woman spoiled it for you. And feeling on herself too? Good Gawd! I would have been angry too. I’m sure he sounded wonderful. At least you get a second chance.

  2. thelatestmaxwellnews Says:

    JRose, you should have either phoned 911 or called security. For real, cause that woman was obviously a danger to Maxwell. lol But yes, I’m also glad you get a second chance. Please let us know how that second chance went as well!

  3. JROSE aka 2Serenity Says:

    @faith – I don’t wish that experience on any fan. I feel blessed I do have a second chance and I promise to report back with a lively report! Thank you for reading, Faith!

    @thelatestmaxwellnews – LMAO! You know what? Does 911 take text messages? I could have texted them! Thank you for the love!

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