FEATURE: MAXWELL Makes Grown Folks Music! (concert review)


The following is a review of Maxwell’s appearance November 01, 2008 at Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, CA. Enjoy.

Grown folks showed up in Los Angeles, California at the prestigious Shrine Auditorium ready to party! This was a sold out show that opened with Jasmine Sullivan.  She set the tone for Mr. Maxwell’s entrance when she ended her debut song, “We Need You Bad, Maxwell.”

Before the soulful artist appeared front and center stage, I must have replayed the scenario of Maxwell’s suave stroll across this same stage during the BET Awards ’08, Al Green Tribute.  As the lights dimmed, the audience greeted Maxwell with an applause that roared through the house.  After hearing the first note that passed through his throat, seven years of missing his giftedness were erased.

This man emerged with freshness in his soul, relaxed, mature and confident that he was summoned to do what he does best.  Maxwell communicated to his long-time admirers and to those who were first-timers that he had what they were musically in need of.

To separate the men from the boys, Maxwell gave his take of “Foreplay 101.”  He wasn’t shy about letting the men know that this is what the ladies want, and this is what the ladies need in his sexy lyrics and demonstrative body language.

The crowd was swooned by his forever classics, such as Til the Cops Come Knockin’, Sumthin’ Sumthin’, W/As My Girl, and Everwanting.  There were three new songs introduced that captivated the audience while they listened intently.  “Pretty Wings,” had already won the hearts of his die-hard fans, and successfully proved to be another favorite.  The song “Bad Habits” carries a short duet featuring Ms. LaTina Webb.  Their voices were as one and it was romantically arranged.  Ms. Webb looked fabulous in the pale pink evening gown, as did Mr. Maxwell with his newly iconic Caesar cut and gun metal tuxedo with what appeared a pale blue or white ruffled tuxedo shirt and untied bow-tie which hung fashionably around his neck. Lyrically “Bad Habits” shined the light on making a relationship better through forgiveness and by making changes.  The L.A. crowd was first to hear “Help Somebody.”  This track seriously expresses the need for each and every one of us to take part in doing just what the entitled track states.  Maxwell blogged on Myspace.com that “Help Somebody” is the highly projected single track in which all proceeds will be donated to help the impoverished country of Haiti.

No doubt if you’ve ever attended a Maxwell concert you’d know that the man has jokes.  He humorously showed the growing collection of women’s panties stretched across the drummer’s domain.  This welcomed the opportunity for others to add to the display.  A large pair of Granny panties landed on the stage and belly laughs broke out as Maxwell picked them up with a boyish curiosity and examined the autographed lingerie.  Would you believe he sniffed them and put them over his head covering his face?  They were so huge they draped around his neck.  Every time I think of it I break out laughing again.

As soon as he covered Al Green’s “Simply Beautiful,” the crowd went crazy and blew the roof off the house.  You couldn’t help but notice that Mr. Maxwell is all grown up now.  His voice soared in his notable signature falsetto octaves, and subsequently his voice would yield to a controlled deep rawness of some newly created melodies that reminded us that it was worth the wait!  Maxwell, once again, was bringing us good soul music for the grown folks.  While the audience swayed side to side as he sung “Fortunate,” your eyes gazed upon a beautiful full moon set as a backdrop that was elegant and classy enough to conjure up some baby-making possibilities.

For a moment in time, the Shrine was graced with silence as Maxwell announced his shout outs to his beloved fans followed by “Ascension.”  The audience was sent into frenzy once again by his heartfelt appreciation.

The Live Band ’08 was representing from coast to coast with a down south groove, which featured a brass section that took you way back to James Brown’s funkiness. Kenneth Whalum’s sultry saxophone set a nice and easy pace to the “Suite Theme” and slowed us down.  The percussionist was strong on beat, while the guitarists rocked us all to our feet.

Dare I say, “I heard the Maxster announce that he is now officially an L.A. resident?” L.A. showed him love and as he wiped tears from his eyes you heard the “awwwwwwwwwe’s.”  A standing ovation, that was long overdue, was given to the man, the singer, the songwriter who has been deemed by the ladies as being grown and sexy, hot, brandish, and fine.

In the end, “Whenever, Wherever, Whatever” was the promise he sang to his fans, and once again, the stage was in a state of obscure as the night and the man behind it all was gone but due to return again soon.

I can hardly wait for the release of the BLACKsummers’night album, said to hit stores early next year and for the ’09 tour to begin.

L.A. loves you “M”!

Excited about the music!

“MAXWELL Makes Grown Folks Music!” feature concert review for The Latest Maxwell News presents “From the Other Side of the Side a Maxwell fan’s perspective.”

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  1. Selina Says:

    Wow !Juree is quite the writer. Brilliant review!

  2. Karen Says:

    Great review! Lord,lord,lord I can’t wait to lay my eyes (and ears) on this man Nov.21st in Philly.

  3. tee Says:

    ooooh….i elt that i was there .great review! hope he comes to Trinidad some day.

  4. Lacrease/Beenwaiting4Maxwell Says:

    Whew!!! I miss him already. I hope he comes back soon to Detroit. What a concert he put on.

  5. SJ Says:

    Thank you so much for the compliment!

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