Where Do You Want to see MAXWELL tour? (poll)


Where do you want to see Maxwell tour next year and in the coming years?

Any other places in the U.S. (not done during LIVE 08) or around the world? (Don’t see your location, then type it in under OTHER: in the GREEN area). Thanks for voting!! Only one vote per person. Leave a comment and make sure your location is taken into consideration. Results will be revealed at the end of the month. So, make sure you tell a friend to come and vote.


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47 Responses to “Where Do You Want to see MAXWELL tour? (poll)”

  1. Nurse Deb Says:

    I want him to come back to Omaha, Chicago, Minneapolis and Kansas City cause these 4 cities are all within driving distance for me and I can do a MAX road trip (again) and see him 4 times!!!! I can’t get enough MAX moments in this lifetime!!

  2. FEE Says:

    i pretty much expect that atlanta will always be a part of his tour schedule…but i am planning a trip to Paris in 2010 and it will be great if he could tour there during the time that i am there…i hear that European concerts are better than the US..not so much of a chore when it comes to purchasing tickets and such

  3. Edvena Foreman Says:

    I would like to see Maxwell’s tour come to more venues than just “The Landmark” in Richmond, Virginia. I sure he would do very well in the Hampton Roads area, which includes Norfolk and Va. Beach.

  4. donna Says:

    I think he should come back to vegas because when he was here it was like he did’nt stay long or spend time with fans they wisked him away after the concert. so please come back here.

  5. Moon Goddess Says:

    Please consider Seattle, Wa next time, it’s much closer to where I live, and I want to see him so much!!

  6. Lacrease/Beenwaiting4Maxwell Says:

    Detroit, Ohio, anc Chicago for sure. Im seriously thinking about taking all these cities on next year.

  7. Debby Says:

    Paradiso (Amsterdam, Netherlands)!!!

    And all across Europe! France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, England… (:

  8. Pearl Says:

    Would love to see Maxwell perform in the UK, will make it easier on People like us from Scandanavia to take a short trip to the UK.

  9. Kim Says:

    I know he’ll be coming Richmond,VA but i think i should do a show on the Ft.Eustis post! 🙂

  10. Carmen Jones Says:

    Please allow him to come back to Vegas. I haven’t missed a tour since Urban Hang Suite and I refuse to miss one because no one asked for him in Vegas.

  11. Jamila Says:

    I want to see him @ more personal spots like the hob la sunset. yes he was @ the san diego hob. that wasn’t fair to la people. I’ll pay the cost to see the boss. Money no object when it comes to Maxwell.

  12. SJ Says:

    Seeing MAXWELL perform in the Los Angeles, California is always a pleasurable experience. Can’t wait to see him in Birmingham, Alabama!

  13. Brigot Says:

    I live in a small town 30 miles south of Erie, PA and 97 miles north of Pittsburgh, PA and the closest show was either in Cincinnati or by Philadelphia (both 5 and a half hours away). We ended up driving to the one in Cincinnati and of course it was worth it, but it would be great to have one scheduled closer text tour!!

  14. richie Says:

    like to see him in ireland has a lot of fans here

  15. Angel Says:

    I just moved to Virginia Beach and I would love to see Maxwell my first summer there.

  16. Mis-T Says:

    Just saw him last night at BJCC – Birmingham! Awesome venue — I would make the 2-hour trip from ATL again to see him there b/c it was so nice. ATL sold out b/4 I got my tix so this was perfect! I’m watching for him to come back to ATL again though w/ BSN. This was my virgin concert and I’m feenin’ more… LOL

  17. rocio pichs Says:

    me gustaria que maxwell…aprovechando su vuelta,visitara españa…asi personas como yo que nos consideramos sus fans..pueden disfrutar de su musica en vivo,ademas de ver con nuestros ojos el sentimiento que le nace cuando canta sus dulces canciones….gracias…Ro…

  18. Miss Nikki Says:

    I’ve been in love with Maxwell’s music since the very beginning. If he came to Florida, I’d be ecstatic!! I live in Jacksonville, but I’d travel to wherever to see him perform.

  19. Gdzie chcesz zobaczyć Maxwella ? Głosuj! - soulbowl.pl Says:

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  20. Tiffany Says:

    in my living room!
    lol…sorry for the silly reply..but yeah…in my house lol

  21. FEE Says:

    LOL at Tiffany…I KNOW THAT’S RIGHT!!!

  22. Karen Says:

    I would like to see him play in Philadelphia and not just nearby like Camden.Not complaining,Max!

  23. Karen Says:

    Tiffany u stole my response! I said my bedroom,lol.

  24. :Infinite-Heru:Maat Says:

    I would like see Maxwell in the Seattle Washington area.

  25. Soul Girl Says:

    yeah! I really believe that I will see Maxwell in Poland 😉

  26. napps4change Says:

    I would love to see M at Touhil in St. Louis. It’s a wounderful and intimate setting.

  27. lee Says:

    would love for him to perform in providence rhode island. i have travelled to see him but would prefer to have him closer.

  28. anaashi Says:


  29. Calandra Says:

    I think it would be cool to see Max do a show somewhere in the Caribbean. I would make that trip.

  30. Jennifer Says:

    I would like to see him in Los Angeles, CA, San Diego, CA or Las Vegas. Those places are the most easiest places to get to. Especiall for people who live in the Inland Empire or LA County Area.

  31. towney Says:

    At the Gibson Theater @ Universal in Los Angeles.

  32. towney Says:

    Jennifer, you got that right.

  33. Taraya Says:

    I really need him to come through Phoenix, AZ!!

  34. Marie Says:

    Why hasn’t Max visited Florida yet were dying for him to come here. There is waay too many cities down here for him to tour for real.

  35. Daphne Says:

    Max is going to explode to a new level of success and new fans. I think he’s going to be able..if he wants.. to go to every major city in any country and put on a heck of a show.

  36. MAMA Says:


  37. Tywree Says:

    In my LIVING ROOM!!…(Kidding, but not really)…
    I’m sure he will keep Detroit on his tour list …but I HOPE he gives us MORE THAN 1DATE!!!….DC got 3???….Where is the love , Max??…We waited 7 years!! Just come back soon, and OFTEN!!

  38. bebee Says:

    Hi Tywree

    I agree with you, in my living room!!LOL but seriously, I would love to see him do at least 2 nights in Chicago and also Tampa Florida. I saw him 3 times this past October, NY, Chicago and Las Vegas. He was OUTSTANDING!!!! Such a beautiful, talented, intelligent, humouros, and humble STAR!!!

    Be blessed,


  39. Schelly Says:

    I would like to see him in philly. Not complaining abouy nj but we have more room. maxwell philly loves you!!!!

  40. Meme Says:

    Please, please, please Maxwell come to the UK or London to be exact – why oh why are we being so depraved we got so much Max luv waitin 4 ya….Trust me.

  41. Lili Says:

    I would love for Maxwell to come to Seattle!!! Portland and Vancouver would be cool too, since they’re in driving distance. I flew down to LA to catch him on the Live 08 tour. It was worth it….

  42. Ariane Says:

    I’m already planning next year’s tour! I wouldn’t mind concert hopping too….following him WHEREVER he goes! For him I’d do the groupie thing LOL!

  43. Marvie Says:

    Boston MASS all the way PLEASE…

    DieHeart Fan

  44. Brenda Says:

    I would love to see Max come back to B-More.
    B-More loves Max hope he tracks back our way in the next 2 years.

  45. Brenda Says:

    I would love for Max to come back to B-More again.

  46. Chocolatestarr Says:

    Back in Chocolate City, Washington,D.C.!!!!! or as he put it…….Obamaland 🙂

  47. Sarah Says:

    Please come to the Republic of Haiti. Port-au-Prince to be exact where we all love you. You have so many fans here. They play your music every weekend starting on Thrusday night when the love/ make loving hour starts on all the radio stations in the captial and the provinces. We really really love you. Please come

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