FEATURE: The Reunion (concert review)


The following is a review of Maxwell’s appearance November 8, 2008 at Majestic Theatre in Dallas, TX. Enjoy.

I cannot verbally describe how excited and how much I’ve anticipated seeing Maxwell again in concert.  Since the last 7 years he’s been MIA.  No new music, no collaborations, and until a couple years ago no sightings of him anywhere……..nothing.  Throughout this drought, I’ve sustained on his previous CD’s (I swear I hear something new every time I listen) and songs from various soundtracks.  YouTube became great for finding old videos and tv appearances. Memories from past concerts are forever silently swirling around in my head. So, when Tyra, a friend, gave me the heads up that he was going on tour there was no need to think about going, it was only matter of deciding when and where.  For Maxwell, I will go Whenever, Wherever, and to Whatever lengths—4REAL!

I know his concerts will be great.  Maxwell has always been a great ENTERTAINER: {Singer (Well of course), Dancer (The Man can Move *wink*), Comedian (So Silly), Illusionist (I swear I’m on stage with him and he puts me in a trance), Inspirationalist (His heart and soul always shows through)}.

My Whenever became Saturday, November 8, 2008
My Wherever was Dallas, Texas
My Whatever entailed me driving to Houston, meeting up with my Ride or Die Maxwell Chicks Tyra and Kendra, then we roadtrip it to Dallas and stay at the W under inhumane conditions (THE W 4 real needs to get it together!).

Our drive to Dallas was filled with us listening and singing to any and every song Maxwell has recorded. Talk about getting ready!

For some reason upon arriving to our hotel, I became nervous….anxious…..couldn’t keep still………our room wasn’t ready so we went to grab something to eat.

When coming back to finally check in we get on the elevator and as the doors are closing one of the bellhops stops the doors, tells us to come with him, and then says into his headpiece “They’re with me now.”
My heart starts racing and a chill comes over me.  We are then quickly whisked away to……………………………………………………….the front desk for them to tell us they gave us the wrong room.  I immediately had to step to the side and compose myself because every fiber of my being just knew they were bringing us to Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite……….it coulda happened, I’m just sayin!

We finally get things all straight and get to our room and sit for a moment to compose ourselves.  We’re trippin’ out because we all realized we were thinking the same thing with that elevator incident.  I get his gifts ready and then we start getting ready and I have to tell myself to slow down, calm down………..It’s crazy the anticipation and urgency I felt, like I Gotta Get Closer and soon!…..am I getting dramatic?….Some reading this will not/cannot relate….sorry 4 ya!

After taking pics and getting our ride to the concert, we arrive at the red carpet, exit our car, thank our driver and immediately notice all eyes on us!  I go straight through, no time to stop because I have only one Man in mind.

We had what was supposed to be front row seats, row A….but we found out a week after purchasing them that miraculously an orchestra section appeared and went on sale….I was so Pluckin’ sure!  So in front of our “front row and center seats” is this orchestra section of two rows which after looking at it, I really wouldn’t want to be in because they sat so low down from the stage.

Jazmine Sullivan comes, performs on time and sounded great!  I love love love her.

While waiting in our seats we take self photos of ourselves and 15 minutes later when the lights dim we jump out our seats screaming hysterically.   But the curtains weren’t lifting yet.  A couple minutes later, the band starts and curtains lift.  Finally, Maxwell comes out down the middle of the stage and I can then exhale.

From that point on, I’m in a trance, standing for most of the concert, fixed to his every breath, movement, and sound.

I realized how low that orchestra section was when I ran up to the stage to give him the gifts I had for him.  I had to wave the panties in the air for him to see me down there.

He thought he was done collecting drawers until he finally sees me and takes them, smiling and laughing!

This Woman’s Work—-So much passion and intensity, Perfection!

Lifetime—-I saw a whole deeper meaning of this song, especially since he talked about Barack before singing it.

Pretty Wings—-Our Song. We connected on that one.

Whenever Wherever Whatever—-All I could scream is “Si Si Si…..”

Till the Cops Come KnockinThank you for breaking it down proper like! What!

I knew this would only be a Temporary Night but I didn’t want to leave the theater. I was somewhat disappointed because I didn’t go on stage with him like I planned, didn’t get to physically reach out and touch him BUT after thinking about it neither did anyone else.  I found that strange that he didn’t reach out like this to anyone, especially after seeing previous concert reviews and pictures.  He did talk generally at various times to the audience but no one-on-one interaction.  The theater was small enough to do so and I was close enough as well but it just didn’t happen.

Then what do ya know?  A while after the concert was over, we see a line of about 10 people forming.  They have neon green stickers on them to do WHAT?  MEET AND GREET MAXWELL BACKSTAGE.  So we ask one guy how he obtained this and he said it was offered for purchase when he got his tickets online.  I never saw such things b/c if I had there was no doubt I would have had one…….that saddened me a bit.

Maxwell has grown and evolved in a different and more confident way.  I’m not complaining because while Maxwell seems somehow better, the music has also grown up and matured!  Same songs we know and love all the same yet delivered BETTER!  Who would have thought that possible!  Even the new songs he performed were on point, and you know how hard it is for an artist to try and do songs no one has ever heard to a live audience.

So many Unexpectencies………
From the microphone kisses…..
Waking me up in the Morning time and……………
Damn Damn Damn Damn Damn…………………

I’m forever Changed.

I have yet to come off this Orgasmic like high this Man has put me on

…..and I don’t wanna!

Maxwell in Dallas (11-8-08):

Am I the only one feeling a live DVD of this tour?????

“Be Safe, Be Blessed, Be Loved!”

“The Reunion” feature concert review for The Latest Maxwell News presents “From the Other Side of the Side a Maxwell fan’s perspective.”

Copyright Ari © 2008. All words were used with permission of the owner. Special thanks to the owner for allowing The Latest Maxwell News to feature her concert review.


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