FEATURE: A Beautiful Angel (concert review)


The following is a review of Maxwell’s appearance October 31, 2008 at Palm’s Pearl Theatre in Las Vegas, NV. Enjoy.

It had been over 20 minutes since Jazmine Sullivan left the stage. The only sounds to be heard were the vintage Stevie Wonder playing in the background after the crew changed the stage’s layout, and the low chatter of a few in the audience as we anticipated Max’s emergence. It felt like an eternity….could he really be about to set foot on the stage and grace us with that voice? Would I finally get to view this man – who’s music I’ve cherished since I was a teenager – in the flesh? It didn’t seem real.

Then came the band members, one by one, dressed to the nines; done up in suits. The drummer, the three-piece horn section, and Ms. LaTina Webb in a beautiful pink Grecian gown and black satin gloves. Then the guitarist, the keyboardist, and their inception of a nice little groove began. The lights went down. We began to sway, and the scene was almost complete…except for one key element…

Where was he? Oh man, where WAS he?

There was downbeat and lights flashed…from somewhere behind the drums, then out jumps the man himself; a beautiful bronze-skinned angel wearing a suit with an undone tie and all black Chuck Taylor’s singing “Get to Know Ya.” We sang, “I gotta get to knooow yaaaa,” as he held the mic out to the audience. He finished the next line, we followed suit with “long-ing to knooow yaaaaaaa” as he held out the mic again. It was too good to be real.

Then, there was “Ascension.” He told us never to wonder about how much he loved us. It amazes me how much the support of his fans seems to boggle his mind. After the first couple of songs, he thanked us for “supporting his broke, ashy arse”. He also referred to us as his lotion, and talked about how we just so thoroughly lubricated and moisturized him. 😉

There was “Sumthin Sumthin’.” We coulda died when he broke it down and made it “Mellosmoothe.” And when he “acquainted himself” with the stage , I think some forgot religion and restraint….and his request for panties was fulfilled.

There was “Everwanting.” At first, it was unrecognizable, because he had the band slow the tempo, but when the words began pouring from his lips, my wish came true, because he was singing MY favorite song! The beat quickened, and we were right back in Embrya.

“This Woman’s Work,” never had I heard it sang so beautifully. To hear the audience chant, “I know you have a little life in you yet…” was a surreal experience.

“Bad Habits,” in that moment, he could have been MINE. The licks of the horn section were ridiculously good, and you could tell by Max’s impersonation of maestro that he had worked with them to get those notes and their timing as perfect as they could be.

“Pretty Wings,” he took the time and gave us background. He spoke of having to let a special someone go, with hopes of her eventual return. “Pre-tty wings, your pre-tty wings” we heard him and LaTina beautifully articulate and harmonize. He easily teeter-totered from his mellifluous tenor to his equally smooth falsetto.

He skillfully worked the stage; each section had their own quality time (and songs) as he dwelled on the left side of the stage, then the middle, and then the right (not necessarily in that order), where my friend and I were seated. First he made eye contact with her (my arm still gets sore when I think of her resulting grip), and then, he looked at me, and our gazes locked. And just for a moment, I had my own private concert.

Simply Beautiful,” was just that, not to seem any bit cliché.

Then he exited….then returned for an encore. And though we wanted more after that, we finally had to accept our night with Maxwell had to come to an end; that others were also hungry for his presence, and we had to set him free.

“A Beautiful Angel” feature concert review for The Latest Maxwell News presents “From the Other Side of the Side a Maxwell fan’s perspective.”

Copyright MayaLa © 2008. All words were used with permission of the owner. Special thanks to the owner for allowing The Latest Maxwell News to feature her concert review. Photo by Tim Griffith.


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  1. Carmen Jones Says:

    I was at this show. Absolutely amazing. I’m still on a Maxwell high from that night. Can’t wait for the new music and more live perfomances. Come back Max. We love and miss you so much.

  2. mindjob Says:


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