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Hey everyone, I hope everything is truly, everything.

One of my cherished LMN Correspondents, 2Serenity aka JROSE, personally sent me a link to an article on the Philadelphia Weekly website mentioning Maxwell. While I was reading the article, something caught my attention, an illustration, done by a one Alex Fine, freelance illustrator from Baltimore, Maryland. I thought, WOW, that really looks like Maxwell! I would LOVE to have the illustration in my Maxwell memorabilia collection.

So, I decided to email Alex Fine and inquire about the illustration. A few emails later, Alex Fine is offering the illustration at the very responsible price of $10.00 plus $3.00 for shipping and handling. Yes, there will be overseas shipping! At the moment, there are 25 illustrations in stock, so this piece is definitely a collectible.

If you’re interested view, partake, buy and enjoy the following:

Copyright © Alex Fine

Dimensions: 11×17
Price: $10 plus, shipping $3 (same for overseas)

-The Latest Maxwell News


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5 Responses to “MAXWELL illustration (memorabilia)”

  1. Faith Says:

    I don’t really like that illustration. It makes him look old to me and he damn sure don’t look old. And the dude who wrote the article has serious color issues.

  2. Aizhana Says:

    not bad,
    but the rose should be blueeeeee:)

  3. thelatestmaxwellnews Says:

    @Faith, sorry you feel that way. But either way, I think it is a collectible.

    @Aizhana, I knew someone would say that. 🙂

  4. Msderma Says:

    Hey Ladies!

    I just wrote Mr. Fine to see if he would create a picture with a “Blue” rose. I will let you know what he says when he gets back to me.


  5. bebee Says:


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