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The ever famed This Woman’s Work, written by Kate Bush in the late ’80s, has become “the” song that everyone associates with Maxwell. Many people interpret this song differently. I’ve heard several different meanings expressed by fans throughout the years and none of them are wrong. Good music has a timeless quality, especially when it embodies someone’s truth. In this case, if I’m remembering correctly, Kate Bush overheard her father speaking these words (lyrics) to her mother as she lay on her deathbed.

My interpretation of the song, from seeing both Kate’s video and Maxwell’s video and from hearing how the words are sung by each artist, is that of a some deep soul-stirring loss of a loved one. You’ve lost or are about to lose someone you cherish and you just need those extra moments to really say what is on your heart but they won’t come to you. Other people have interpreted This Woman’s Work, as a love song or a song that can save a relationship. I recall a male fan, saying the song made him realize he’d been treating women wrong and he needed to change his ways. I can definitely see and understand each angle. How Do You Interpret the Song?

Maxwell recorded This Woman’s Work, first as a part of MTV Unplugged: Maxwell (1997), fulfilling a wish from a dying little girl through Make-A-Wish Foundation. Well, heaven called the little girl back home a few months after the song was released. As a result, Maxwell decided to re-record the song and place it on the Now album (2001). This is definitely a song that WILL be inducted into the Grammy’s Hall of Fame, hopefully in the future 14 years (it takes 25 years). I believe it is one that has and will continue to inspire and change many.


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5 Responses to “SONG PROFILE: This Woman’s Work”

  1. Devi LeMae Says:

    Maxwell seems to be a very sweet, sensitive man. Although I am a fan, I have never seen him perform in concert yet. Maxwell please come to the state of Washington; we love you here too.


  2. SweetJoy Says:

    The expressed meanings of the lyrics for “This Woman’s Work” is very emotionally sensitive and soul changing. It would be an honor for both Kate Bush and Mr. MAXWELL to recieve a Grammy induction for this song. Nevertheless, the song was not as popular until Mr. Maxwell covered it in 1997. It is truly a phenomenal piece of work in it’s truest art form; the voice and the musical production in reference to the “MAXWELL” MTV Unplugged LIVE program.
    100 kudos to LMN for this blog.
    I look for to other song profiles that you may review.

  3. JROSE aka 2Serenity Says:

    Maxwell’s live version of This Woman’s Work is my favorite. Although I enjoy the studio recording too, there is a special *umph* to the live recording. That is why his MTV Unplugged album is my absolute favorite album. I can NEVER get enough of it! . Kate Bush wrote a wonderful song which Maxwell was able to reinterpret for others.

    Thank you for the lesson on the song. I realized the other day that I had This Woman’s Work on my Now album (I know I am so slow) and I wondered why after all these years? Now, I understand! I know let all the *side eyes & eyes roll on me* for admitting that! LMAO!

  4. FEE Says:

    Another thing that is so special about this particular song is this. Maxwell introduced us to an artist that most of his fan base had probably never heard of. Its so obvious that he has an eclectic taste when it comes to music and I LOVE the fact that he shares that with his fans. He pushes us out of our boundaries and into new territories. That’s a brave thing for an artist who established himself as a traditional soul man to do and I hope that’s something he continues to do.

  5. CC Says:


    What a beautiful view of Maxwell. Eclectic for sure. I love his Art Works. Vocals no doubt and especially the natural versatile stage movements.


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