MAXWELL, a featured artist on Alchemist’s upcoming cd



In an interview with Baller Status earlier this year, the super producer, The Alchemist, mentioned he had a song on his upcoming album Chemical Warfare (set for APRIL 7, 2009 release) featuring Twista and wait for it… Maxwell. The album was supposed to launch this year, 2008, but things change(d), no worries on that. Just wondering, did the song make the cutting room floor?

Is 2009 the year of the trinity, with all good things coming in 3’s? Maxwell, soul-singer extraordinaire, The Alchemist, top-notch producer and Twista, once credited as the world’s fastest rapper, all make a fascinating combination. What joy this one song could bring to fans who love different genres of music. Why, some of us would have to hide our tears by smiling, if indeed this comes to fruition. Nothing but food for the soul this shall be!

Whatever the future holds, the excitement will always exist for the newness of the music that seems to live around the corner of the New Year.

Check out this video (filmed in 2007) from,


UPDATED: January 31, 2009

Lyrics can be found at this address on the right hand side/more info


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4 Responses to “MAXWELL, a featured artist on Alchemist’s upcoming cd”

  1. SweetJoy Says:

    Thanks Maxwell4Play and Latest Maxwell News for the update!

  2. towney Says:

    I am smiling cause Maxwell is all up in there. 😉 😉

  3. JRose aka 2Serenity Says:

    Thank you for sharing. Hmm..interesting. I never understand what twista is saying. Of course maxwell’s voice is beautiful but..hmm..I am still digesting this or accepting the fact that I am not jumping out my seat but maybe after a few more listens I may accept it. I’m trying. : )

  4. Lisa Says:

    Nice!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big ups to Alchemist and Twista…but Maxwell made this song what it is…Nice!!! I’m not into rap but I will defiently buy this one.
    Max Max Max….My Man. Now where is your CD???
    I see the music notes on your website…are you trying to tell us sumthin’??
    Hope to hear it soon.
    Feeling you “from the foor to the ceiling”.

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