2008: The Year in Review


The MAXWELL Highlights of 2008: The Year in Reviewgapmaxwell

Greetings, hope you enjoyed the past few days of food induced coma. The big clock is about to start the countdown for 2009, hope you are ready for the change. Before we get to that point, The Latest Maxwell News™ wanted to pinpoint a few favorites that occurred this year in a month by month playback. Special thanks, appreciation, and most of all LOVE to all the wonderful fans for all the help extended to The Latest Maxwell News™ over the past few months.

J A N U A R Y |  Maxwell appeared in an ad for the Spring 2008 collection at GAP as a part of the Red campaign. [01.11.08]

F E B R U A R Y |  Music lovers and Maxwell appreciators learned the upcoming title track, Help Somebody, would benefit the improvised people off Haiti with proceeds also going to HIV/AIDS research all through the following, AMFAR, Lambifund, & Yele Haiti. (February 01, 2008)

M A R C HMaxwell4Play™ was created in conjunction with The Latest Maxwell News™ as a radio campaign whose goal is to help fans promote Maxwell’s music through the airwaves, which was formally launched to the music lovers in September 2008.

A P R I L  &  M A Y |  Maxwell began preparation for the release of BLACKsummers’night per his myspace page in April plus, he celebrated his 35th birthday May 23!

J U N E |  Maxwell appeared on the BET 2008 Awards performing a tribute to Al Green with the song “Simply Beautiful,” along with Jill Scott and Anthony Hamilton. Did you see the way he walked out on the stage…swagga! “No one on the corner has swagga like us Maxwell!” And did you see the cuts to the audience and who was eating up his performance? …yeah, Cee-Lo, Ne-Yo & Al Green, I saw your faces, you looked blown away (June 24, 2008). See LMN blog.

J U L Y |  Still feeling the ‘high’ of seeing Maxwell in June, fans were blasted into another galaxy when he left a status update on MySpace stating that he was rehearsing for a tour (July 16, 2008). In that same month, Maxwell performed at HollyRod Foundation Benefit in Malibu, California (July 19). See Invite. See Performance.

A U G U S T |  In this month, information started to surface about a tour. August 16, 2008 (last edited August 19), Guess Who’s Back…MAXWELL blog was posted on The Latest Maxwell News (myspace). Concert dates where mentioned at a location, a radio station’s website, had 6 dates. 3 days later, (August 19, last edited September 03, 2008) MAXWELL Live 08 Tour Dates blog was posted at The Latest Maxwell News (myspace) stating the first 3 concert dates that officially went on sale, Boston, NY & Toronto in North America. Tickets went on sale for Amsterdam, NL in this month also.

S E P T E M B E R |  Maxwell was on BET’s 106 and Park (September 26, 2008) – see blog.  Tickets in North America officially went on sale with Maxwell’s opening act new comer Jazmine Sullivan.

O C T O B E R  &  N O V E M B E R | Concerts began with the first starting in Bloemfontein, South Africa, October 03, 2008 during the Macufe Festival. In these months, lovers of Maxwell’s music really showed him how much they cared by simply purchasing tickets, selling out 20 of the 33 concerts he performed in locations like home state New York and other locations Chicago, Illinois, Detroit, Michigan, Las Vegas, Nevada, Houston, Texas, Atlanta, Georgia and Washington, (D.C.) District of Columbia, to name a few. Also in October (20, 2008), BET (who Maxwell inked a deal with), aired video footage of Maxwell and band’s experiences in the country. On November 23, 2008, Maxwell ended his 33 location trek in his home state New York where we performed feeling a little under the weather but giving his all as best he could. And earlier the same month, November 18, He Speaks: Passion, Pleasure, Panties article was featured in VIBE Magazine (December 2008).

Highlights of the tour included:

[.] (October 03, 2008) Maxwell showing a different side of himself when he became emotional from the love extended to him during his stay in South Africa. LISTEN

[.] The introduction of new songs, full version of Pretty Wings, Bad Habits, Help Somebody and a slight snippet of Cold.

[.] The dance moves…crazy, sexy, cool? Definitely sexy, heard about the crazy but cool, the jury is still out on that one. No worries, we will take any and all of the above if it means seeing more Maxwell in the coming ’09.

[.] Dare I say this, but Maxwell and panties were a highlight of the tour? Not the throwing of (although creative) but the way he handled them. Loads of laughs this was, from the staring at and examining with boyish wonder to the stuffing them in his mouth or wiping the forehead and finally putting them in his back-pocket for safe keeping or draped over the shoulders as a towel.

[.] Fans finally coming face to face to see, meet, and hear Maxwell. It was a joy to eaad the many stories and hear the personal accounts of the experiences.

D E C E M B E R |  Maxwell’s official website is changed…a little. And concert opener, Jazmine Sullivan is nominated for 5 Grammy’s. Congrats to her! Finding this 3 questions interview Maxwell did w/PaperMag, it packs a bang.

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3 Responses to “2008: The Year in Review”

  1. tee Says:

    i luv this site ! thanx soooooomuch for making a connection bet M and his fans! God bless and all tings good for the New Year !

  2. thelatestmaxwellnews Says:

    No problem tee. Enjoy the New Year. 🙂

  3. The Xen Says:

    I had a great time when you came on tour in Bloem, South Africa….I guess I was dumbfounded, in awe ? One of your band members invited me to join you guys at the hotel and the after party. I have never been in that type of situation and did not know how to carry myself..because I am extremely shy and introverted….Needless to say I made everyone else uncomfortable too….Some of the band members treated me as though I was a stalker…lol and by then I realised that I really made an a$$ of myself…This experience gave me a fresh perspective on the world of ‘famous’ musicians. A defining moment it was for me and I realised that at that moment i traded my dignity for a chance to be in the presence of famous people….I have been your biggest fan since I can remember up until that nite…..

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