When this poll was created, it was done in mind for people who live in locations where Maxwell has not visited ever, in locations where people had not seen him in ten years or so, and for people in America who live in a state/location that was not visited during Live ‘08.  Maxwell mentioned he would, over the next 2 years or so, revisit Africa, as well as visit Asia and everywhere he has not been.

After viewing the results of this poll and checking various social networking sites where Maxwell is located (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube 1, 2) and various social networking sites where The Latest Maxwell News™ (unofficial fansite) is located (MySpace, Twitter, Imeem,, etc.), the artist is in HIGH demand.

From this blog in particular, Poland was a standout location because Soulbowl, a neat website, along with a couple of Poland-based forums, posted a blog/message with a link back here. The people in Poland wanted everyone to know, they are more than ready for Maxwell. There was no stuffing of the poll either. Each and every vote on this poll is ONE SINGLE VOTE per computer.

So, if Maxwell EVER wanted to do a **world tour** in the near future, that sounds like a great idea. The demand exists and positive buzz can always be created to help.

The R E S U L T S:

International/National MAXWELL Demand:
South Africa, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Kazakhstan, Japan (Tokyo), China (Taiwan)

Poland, Netherlands (Amsterdam), Spain, United Kingdom (London), Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Ireland

North America:
The States (not visited during Live ’08) – Washington (Seattle, Vancouver), Louisiana (New Orleans), Florida (Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami, West Palm Beach, etc.), Oregon (Portland), Hawaii (Honolulu), Kentucky (Lexington), Wisconsin (Madison), Arizona (Phoenix), Nebraska, South Carolina (Columbia, Spartanburg, Charleston, Greenville, etc.), Connecticut (New Haven), Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Pittsburgh), Ohio (Columbus), Virginia (Hampton, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Ft. Eustis, etc.), Rhode Island (Providence), New York (Buffalo).

The Islands – Trinidad, Bahamas, Barbados, Cayman Islands.

The States (visited during Live ’08) — ALL, including the ones that did not sell out, Massachusetts (Boston), Missouri (St. Louis), Colorado (Denver),  Minnesota (Minneapolis), Alabama (Birmingham), etc.

South America:
Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina.

NOTE: The results are a combination from social networking sites and statistics of visitors to this blog.


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8 Responses to “RESULTS: MAXWELL Future Touring”

  1. Devi LeMae Says:

    I am looking forward to enjoying maxwell’s performance in the state of Washington. Even if he doesn’t make it to the NW, I will venture out to another city where he will be entertaining. If Muhammad won’t go to the mountain, the mountain will be traveling.



  2. Lovin Maxwell Says:

    Hope you make it to Phoenix, Arizona

  3. michel ruben Says:

    france france france
    he must come to france

  4. Mis-T Says:

    Put the brotha on a cruise ship and let him float from country to country (with me on board of course!!!!)

    Smiles and Happy New Year to you all…


  5. Dave Says:

    It’s unbelievable that ANY of the N. American stops would not sell out. What’s up Denver? Birmingham? And Minneapolis? Are ya kiddin’ me.
    Come back to Dallas — he could sell out that venue 5x in about 10 minutes.
    Best show I’ve EVER seen! And the ride home afterwards was sweet, too. 😉

  6. Nappylocks Says:

    He came to the Lou at the beginning of the tour, in the middle of the week, the same day as the last presidential debate, with a tiny bit of advertising. Almost but not quite sold out, however St. Louis did show him some love! Love him, LOVE him, LOVE HIM!!!

  7. IB Says:

    I traveled to see Max 6 times, he is true to his craft. Hope to see him in Huntsville, AL. Continued blessings….

  8. np Says:

    london london london!!!!!

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