MAXWELL is the meat…


Oh my goodness, I must apologize for the slight disappearance but I’m always around I just have to switch up my prioritizes a little (working on some other things).

So, what’s going on with Maxwell (the meat [or insert other word, if vegetarian] of everything, huh?). Well, from viewing several news clips via websites, etc. Seems that the artist is still tweaking BLACKsummers’night to make sure you all spend your hard earned dollars on good damn product. You cannot be mad at that right?

Yeah, we’ve been waiting, waiting, and waiting, waiting… But at the end of the waiting there will be and had better be something phenomenal.

So, when is the album coming, you’re wondering. Earlier last week, I read this, “I recently ran into Maxwell at a holiday party and he [swore] to me that his long-awaited fourth CD will drop this spring or summer.” over at Entertainment Weekly.

I wondered what happened to the first quarter of the year, he must be adding on some extra special stuff just for his adoring die-hard fans…If this is the case, then I hope he goes extra heavy on the oh’s, ooh’s, and ah’s and those whispers. Ooh la la, how yummy, those are.

Hmm, wouldn’t this be a good time to get a new blog over at

Enjoy some SUNDAY MUSIC:
“Holding Back the Years”
by Simply Red


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14 Responses to “MAXWELL is the meat…”

  1. FEE Says:

    uuuhhhh…what happened to the announcement in Bama that the record would drop in February? i knew Valentines Day was not possible..but i thought that February would definitely be the month…why wait so long after a tour that was well received by both fans and critics?

    “something is rotten in the state of Denmark”

  2. JRose aka 2Serenity Says:

    I’m REALLY trying to behave myself and not act up but if that album is not out by the end of March, I’m going to be extremely upset, disappointed and just in a funk. I will try to stay upbeat until then. Thanks for sharing and I adore, Simply Red. Ahh. Memories of the 80s! xoxo

  3. thelatestmaxwellnews Says:

    @FEE please refer to –>

    @JROSE – I know how you feel and yeah, Simply Red just spoke to me. 🙂

  4. toys3boys Says:

    patient ladies Maxwell always delivers it will be well worth the wait. We got to give a brother time to bring his greatness to the table to show these young boys how it is done. Love you Max i waited this long i wait until you are ready. Can’t be half stepping!

  5. SweetJoy Says:

    Die-hard fans we are! Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting for new music.

  6. tee Says:

    i am tired ……….want me some BLACK noooowwwww……..!

  7. Assata Says:

    A little patience people.All things are worth the wait!!!!!

  8. Assata Says:

    All good things rather!

  9. Mis-T Says:

    OK… waiting is hard but check out this Rachelle Ferrell live clip featuring her song “Waiting” and understand why I think of Max everytime I listen to it: “boy i’ve been watchin’ you for so long; oh, i like what i see. i can’t explain what makes you so attractive to me. it’s somethin’ ’bout the way you wear your hair and the scent of your cologne. it doesn’t really matter what you wear… u don’t need nothin’ on… i’ve been waiting… waiting for YOU…”

    feel that for a minute and just dream ladies — he’s comin’ soon…


  10. thelatestmaxwellnews Says:

    Thanks for the YouTube link, Mis T

  11. Assata Says:

    @ Mis-T…..amen girl!
    Boy do I love me some Rachelle….phenomenal! Shouldn’t they both tour together? The world wouldn’t be able to contain themselves! The thought gives me chills……wow!

  12. Mis-T Says:

    Assata – I like that one! They could call it the Max-Chelle tour (ok, corny but i thought is worked at the moment!!) yeah, that would b an amazing ticket. i got to meet her last summer and she’s so cool — calm, humble and such an amazing spirit. but when she opens her mouth to sing, it’s like hearing an angel speak. the 2 of them together would be so much amazing energy… i think they’d take me out on a stretcher!!

  13. Mis-T Says:

    now i’ve just gotta figure out how i can meet the Max-man in person (what did i say about that stretcher earlier?) that would truly make my year/life!! i did get to see his concert in B’ham in Nov (my first time – not a Max virgin any more). he was as amazing as everyone said. and to watch him on stage was a site to behold. i’m looking forward to the BLACK and the next tour in hopes that it come to ATL (although i liked the venue better in ALA to be honest — i’d make the 2 hr trip again! — for Max at least)

  14. Yolanda Says:

    Ok, I agree with everyone, and i love this man to DEATH! But, he said he album would be out in 2008, 2009, and 2010….No way we should be waiting until the spring or summer and his tour was over in October. I hope he didn’t dupe us, and he is really still having legal issues over this album. I am growing very impatient.

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