It’s BLACK, but what’s it about?


For those who have not had the chance to check out the various interviews and articles done by Maxwell over the past few months, then you may have missed the theme or intended energies behind BLACK (disc 1) in the BLACKsummers’night trilogy (Maxwell). Still no release date for the album but patience is a virtue we all have mastered by now.

The following quotes are from several different publications, etc.

“Black,” …will be dark yet full of “baby-making songs.” From Maxwell returns, refreshed and ready to tour, BOSTON GLOBE

“…they’re male and female, dark and light, personal and political, romantic and philosophical. He declines to reveal much about the character at the heart of his project, Black Summers, saying he/she is much more conceptual than concrete.” From Mesmerizing Maxwell, EVERYTHING ALABAMA

“The first one is a much darker record — it’s about a kid lost in all the debauchery and greatness of the world. From Maxwell is not souled out yet, COMMERCIAL APPEAL

“Black…a dark ode to “Carolinas’ and chitlin-circuit soul…” From Soul Revival, HOUSTON CHRONICLE

“The upcoming CDs have more of an edge…”It’s definitely grittier, a little dustier and a little (more) messed-up sounding than Urban Hang Suite, which has a pristine kind of element to it…As you get older, you want things to be raw.” From Soul Revival, HOUSTON CHRONICLE

In his spoken words, listen to the interview with Chris Coleman.

From reading and listening to the articles and interviews written, I am personally excited about the upcoming music. If it is similar to Urban Hang Suite, in that it tells us a story, then I am more than ready for the BLACK chapter to begin. It really does not matter when the music gets here, I want it whenever it comes, all we need to do is be ready when it does get here.

Check out the Official Maxwell Youtube Page while the anticipation builds for the new music.

Image from of Black Summers (Ms. BSN).


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2 Responses to “It’s BLACK, but what’s it about?”

  1. SweetJoy Says:

    You have an amazing keeness in understanding the underlying, yet vivid message that will portray the definition of the first album of the trilogy; ‘BLACK’.

    I am so ready, and I am also very patient.

    Thank you for this clear perspective that was freely and generously given to us [fans] from Mr. Maxwell, himself. I appreciate the accurate and precise quotations from him that we all have to ponder upon while we wait. Perhaps this is the reason why we wait, that we may be prepared to recieve whatever the message may indeed hold that was designed for us.

  2. luvtkb Says:

    Hmm on WBHK he also said that the ‘Black’ CD chronicles him dating over the years and finding “balance and salvation”, “and then reuniting on some level with what I call this amazing female that is sort of played out through the album but the female in some ways has a little bit of the audience….” and

    The Houston Chronicle also said, “Currently, he says music is his love interest, but adds “I’m definitely looking and I’m definitely sort of getting over something, too. So, we’ll see. Maybe she’ll come back.”

    This reporter offers up a prayer for the singer.

    “I hope you can do that because I really miss this girl,” Maxwell says.”

    He sounds heartsick…that boy is in love and he’s wearing his heart right on that CD and judging from Pretty Wings and Bad Habits, it’s gonna be goooood! I really hope that everything turns out right for him and whomever the “amazing” “girl” is he’s missing and may it prove to be a blessing for him.:-)

    Sometimes you just wanna go up in Sony and say, “HEY, WHAT CHALL WAITIN FOR?”
    That shadowy and mysterious looking Black Summers photo is beautifully photographed, too. Wonder if it’ll be the cover, even though we know many would love to have his face there instead. 🙂

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