Collabo With Maxwell, oh…



The New York Post reported (October 05, 2008,) that Maxwell wanted to reel in several collaborations for his upcoming releases. One name that struck my attention was, the queen of soul, Aretha Franklin. Just an assumption, a collaboration with the likes of these two would fit quite nicely onto the SUMMERS’ album, which is said to have a more gospel-oriented energy to it. Over the past few decades, Aretha Franklin has done several collaborations with artists including James Brown,  Elton John, Whitney Houston, and George Michael, just to name a few. The Queen of Soul has  shown her versatility and willingness to work with her fellow musical peers even those from different generations like Lauryn Hill and Fantasia Barrino.

To say the least, a song (gospel-oriented or not) featuring Maxwell and Aretha Franklin would definitely be stamped soulfully approved by the supporters of each of these magnificent artists. Click here to read a biography of Aretha Franklin from The Soul Book (from 1969). Cover of The Soul Book.


Aretha Franklin and Fantasia Barrino
Put You Up on Game (2007)


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2 Responses to “Collabo With Maxwell, oh…”

  1. Jennifer aka JROSE Says:

    Ahh..maxwell and Aretha would be HOT.

    Remember when she collaborated with George Michael. Ahhhhhh

    I never heard this collaboration with Fantasia. Tells you how OUT of the loop I am at times. Oh well. Thank you for the education! : D

  2. FEE Says:

    yeah…that would be cool…

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