Top 25 MAXWELL: Things You Can Do While You Wait


Top 25 MAXWELL…series continued. Here is a listing of the top things a Maxwell fan can do while waiting on the new music. NOTE – this list contains 25 elements with the opinions of those who help compiled it. Special thanks to those who helped! More coming soon.

1. Stop worrying about when the CD is coming out. If you are busy doing other stuff, it will just be a nice surprise when it does come.

2. Save your monies for upcoming music, concerts, etc.

3. Write a “Dear Maxwell” letter expressing why his music is special to you. The best letter will be featured on The Latest Maxwell News. Send your letters to

4. Pray for Maxwell and the new music to come sooner rather than later.

5. Continue to post comments of appreciation and respect for the music to all sites where there is interest in Maxwell.

6. Join and support Maxwell’s music page.

7. Request Maxwell’s music on your local radio, satellite radio, and/or internet radio. Its still creates a feeling of joy to hear good damn music on the radio. See Maxwell4Play.

8. Go out and enjoy life. Pretty sure that’s what Max is doing.

9. Follow LMN (TWITTER), Add LMN (MYSPACE), Friend LMN (IMEEM), Read LMN (WORDPRESS) and Tell a Friend.

10. Help somebody (no pun intended). It is simple and easily done because there are too many people who need help these days. Be it a small or  a grand gesture, it will be a blessing to someone else.

11. Read one of the books that Maxwell has recommended on his myspace blog and write up a review for The Latest Maxwell News.

12. Enjoy this – (Everwanting performed during Live ’08 in Toronto, ON).

13. Don’t forget Maxwell is featured on a track with The Alchemist & Twista called – “Smile”. Check it.

14. Reminisce about the classic stuff from Maxwell (interviews, articles, reviews, videos, music, memories, etc.).

15. Indulge in some Captain Crunch cereal and share a recipe of other ways they enjoy Captain Crunch cereal (in their yogurt, in ice cream, etc.). Also, share a picture of yourself with the Captain Crunch cereal box!

16. Read a book by LA Banks.

17. Go watch a Derek Luke movie. Oh wait, that’s my deal. Well, pick out some eye candy and let the games begin.

18. Get acquainted with Pete Belasco’s album, Deeper, who is of Maxwell’s caliber: Click here for DEEPER.

19. Make an effort to discover some new, GOOD music, art or something that stimulates your senses. For me, it’s number 17.

20. Get in shape for the summer by listening to certain Maxwell songs.

21. Consider a career change.

22. Get ready for a world wide event – EARTH HOUR, March 28, 2009 at 8:30pm. More info.

23. Remember this photo (what a nice smile).  🙂

24. Continue to make love and not war to Maxwell’s music.

25. Tell The Latest Maxwell News some of the things you have been doing while waiting on the new music.



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2 Responses to “Top 25 MAXWELL: Things You Can Do While You Wait”

  1. Janice Clark Says:

    One of the things I’ve been doing is writing in the journal on I put my thoughts about Maxwell in it for him to read one day. Also on, made a radio playlist with old music I haven’t heard in a long, long time until Max’s new CD comes out. I’ve been trying not to think of this beautiful man. He’s driving me crazzzzy! ! !

  2. thelatestmaxwellnews Says:

    Cool Janice, check me out of too at

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