Over the weekend, Fortunate played on the radio. You might ask yourself, what’s so special or different about hearing the song this past weekend? Its simple. This particular time, it sparked a memory. One that was acknowledged as being a decade old. Oh my, a decade! This just cannot be, ten years, we all have been graced with this lovely song. Love has been made, children conceived, lovers’ quarrel’s mended and so on to Fortunate by Maxwell. I remember when this song first came out and many people around me not knowing who Maxwell was, it is true! Of course, after he hit those opening notes and that video (you know THAT video)…he solidified his position in their minds as an artist to definitely watch and “get to know” for the coming years.

Written by R. Kelly. Featured in the 1999 motion picture, LIFE starring Eddie Murphy & Martin Lawrence. Brought to fame and glory by Maxwell, here’s Fortunate. Hope you watch it and remember a special moment.


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10 Responses to “SONG PROFILE: Fortunate”

  1. Jennifer aka JROSE Says:

    What amazes me is that I did not realize until last year that R. Kelly had written this song. I was always under the assumption that Maxwell did. Bad me not reading my liner notes closely. Thank you for the memories! Lord, 10 years! I remember when this song came out!!!! Thank you for the education as always! xoxo

  2. t Says:

    Thank you for commemorating such a beautiful song. Can’t wait for his cd to drop!

  3. toyia ayers Says:

    oh yes my son was conceived to this, and now i play it everyday i will always love this timeless song. this kind of music lasts forever.

  4. Tywree Says:

    Bless you for putting this video up!!1..Everytime I hear that first note , I scream!!..I really appreciate you for all the updates and special treats you send to all of us who love Max…to the Max!!

    FYI ..this song was playing the day my daughter was born and brought home from the hospital and I indeed felt “Fortunate “to have her…truth be told I think it was playing when she was conceived!!…be blessed always and thank you for keeping Max well in our view!

  5. Janice Clark Says:

    I remember when FORTUNATE came out. My husband sang this song to me… for the first he ever sang a song to me lol. Can’t carry a tune like me but my daughter was conceive with this song. When I first saw the movie LIFE with Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence I didn’t know the song was in it because it was with the credits. Until I saw the movie about the third time. Now I just watch the movie every time its on cable just to hear Max’s song.

  6. FEE Says:

    its a beautiful song and he put so much into it…i like the little verbal play at the end…and he is HOT in this video πŸ™‚

  7. thelatestmaxwellnews Says:

    @Jennifer – yup, I’m still amazed that R.Kelly wrote that though.
    @Tywree – thanks.
    @FEE – yeah girl…yummy, yummy, yummy.
    @t – soon, pray for it!

    @Toyia & Janice – that’s wonderful! I really think so, Maxwell helped y’all make a baby just by opening his open and singing. πŸ˜€

  8. Susan Says:

    wow, a decade. Yes – dreams and hopes were built and ten years later, we still dream, hope and yearn at the thought…..
    the thought of being loved like that
    the thought of someone seeing us and through us
    the thought….aww the thought

    Ten years later, ever hoping, ever dreaming, still smiling when we listen to the song πŸ™‚ Thanks for the reminder LMN

  9. tee Says:

    fortunate is my FAVOURITE MAXWELL…will be my wedding song (first dance). luv luv luv luv !

  10. Nicole Says:

    Believe it or not, that is the FIRST time I have ever seen that video. I LOVE this song, it’s my ringtone on my cell for incoming calls and incoming text! I left the phone ring just to hear it. LMAO!

    That woman in the video…at first I thought…dang she is LUCKY. But then as I am watching I realize that he never actually TOUCHES her. Can you imagine being THATCLOSE to Max and he is moving his arms all around you..realclose, gets those lips of his close to yours…and NEVER ACTUALLY TOUCHES YOU??

    OMG, I think I would go freakin crazy! I would probably faint because I know I wouldn’t be able to breathe having all that sexiness so close, yet so far….

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