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Hmm, I was re-reading this interview and I have determined that out of all the other interviews of MAXWELL over the past few months, this one is probably the best. It answers just about everything, what’s the album about, was there ever an album pushed back in 2005, etc. Definitely read this and over understand where MAXWELL is coming from but mostly get ready for that brand new stuff coming soon. The following interview was conducted by Aidin Vaziri for SF Gate/San Fransisco Chronicle sometime in October last year.

Q: What happened? Did you have a Dave Chappelle moment?

A: Depending on who you ask and where you’re looking, with the way media works now, yeah. I just really didn’t want to be the guy who makes music because he’s scheduled to do it. I needed to experience life again.

Q: You could have just started making records about airports and hotel rooms.

A: That’s what my life was for a long period of time. The pressure of that was killing me. I hear songs that I’ve done and I’m like, “Oh, why did you do that?” So I took a break. I started to make music with no stress. I just did it because I liked it.

Q: Did chopping off your hair get you out of signing autographs on the street?

A: I can’t say that was always happening. But that helped with my goal of living a pretty normal life. I don’t want to complain, considering how lucky I’ve been, but sometimes people think they know you. Even if they knew you when you were 23, you’re 35 now and you’ve completely changed.

Q: You were marketed as this kind of sexy lover man. How much of that was really you?

A: You get the photographers. You get the clothes. You get sucked up in the whole experience. Everyone is selling something. In my mind, I don’t feel any of that kind of stuff going on. But I think the music makes something happen. Clark Kent becomes something else.

Q: You’re looking more and more like Clark Kent these days. Is this the real Maxwell?

A: No. I just changed. I don’t know if I could ever stay the same. I never had an Afro before I had an Afro, you know? People who are seeing me now see me as who I used to be before “Urban Hang Suite.” It’s not always that way. It won’t always be this way.

Q: There was a rumor that you made an album that Sony refused to put out because it had too many gay references.

A: I don’t think anyone ever heard my album because there was no album submitted at the time that was talked about. People just believe whatever. Anyone can write anything on the Internet. That rumor had nothing to do with anything real ever. No one had music. No one had an album. Maybe someone wanted to inspire me into action. But that’s not what was inspiring the album. There was no album. No one ever heard the album. Ever.

Q: So what is the new album about?

A: It’s about everyday experiences, the highs and lows. I had some really interesting relationships with women. I healed a lot of stuff with women in my life. I met some girls who didn’t know who I was. They were from other parts of the world. They were younger. That happened, and a lot of those experiences are in the songs.

Q: Do you feel like you’re starting over now?

A: I do, yeah. It’s nice. I have a lot of life behind me, as I did prior to the release of my first album. The music feels that fresh to me. It comes from that same sense of urgency.


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13 Responses to “Pop Quiz: MAXWELL w/Passing Grade”

  1. Carmen Jones Says:

    First time reading. Absolutely what I needed. Lots of questions answered and the delay is more understood.

    Stay firm and stay strong Maxwell. I know it will be worth the wait.


  2. Jennifer aka JROSE Says:

    Awesome..now, I wonder when this album is going to be released?!!?!? Thank you for keeping us posted!

    Oh and DO I relate to people thinking they know who you are when you have not seen you in a decade plus. Life happens. I appreciate him keeping that truthful. I know I am not the same person from when I was 23. It’s called growing up and having life experiences.

  3. Aizhana Says:

    Great interview.. thank you for posting!

  4. FEE Says:

    i always LOVE reading his interviews….thanks for this!

  5. Vanesles McKoy Says:

    I read this interview a short while ago and it made me so happy.
    LMN you guys do a super service to MAXWELL’s fans, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you do.
    As my comments are and always will be to MAXWELL,
    “Keep conquering YOUR universe!
    Thank you LMN!
    Vanesles11 mff.

  6. Brigette A.D. Chessa Says:


    A very deep interview-
    I can relate on many levels-
    We all can say I won’t do that or put myself in a position but this is life and we live it-
    For better or for worse-
    Learning and growing is the key and it hurts turning the “key/s” to open a new door-
    Some hide within their double bolted doors-
    And never try to open that initial door-
    Due to a jammed lock-
    Others like Maxwell know how to slowly work the lock-
    A great musician/writer/poet/etc…
    I wish I had the key to open mine-
    But I can only open others-
    Please everyone you must feel his music, vibe and person-
    His music will teach folks how to-
    My thoughts and I believe that-
    Stay Blessed All and check him out-

  7. cookie Says:

    thanks as always for all of the good max stuff…very interesting…..
    keep doing what ur doing

  8. Nicki=Maxwell fan Says:

    Thank you for posting this!
    This answered SO many questions I had…
    I just love me some Maxwell!

  9. Nurse Deb Says:

    I had read this before but anything with MAX in it is worth reading a million times over. Thanks for posting!!!! He’s back and I’m loving it!!

  10. Susan Says:

    LOVED THIS as you can imagine. I know we don’t know him but what we know, we love. I love Maxwell, what can I say, fro or no fro, 28 or 35, glasses or no glasses, falsetto or bass – its just him, his voice, his talent – a gift he owes no thanks to anyone but God for.

  11. Janice Clark Says:

    Thanks for posting. I love reading anything to keep me updated with Maxwell. Anything new or old on Maxwell is exciting to me even if its bad. I am not gonna stop supporting him. I think he is a wonderful man. Very talanted, charming, and very articulate. Waiting to here more from you MAX.

  12. thelatestmaxwellnews Says:

    I hope more people (fans, non-fans, & general admirers) get the chance to read over this article and see the standpoint of the artist and where he is coming from. It really is a great interview. Thanks for stopping by everyone and leaving a comment!

  13. ~MAMA~ Says:

    He’s so humble and thats one of the things I love to death about this guy! But on the same note- he CAN and will put folks in their place. Im glad he’s ready to face the world!

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