MAXWELL’s (BLACKsummers’night) Receives Praise!


Just as I was about to fall into dreamworld, I checked Twitter and saw that a one Lisa Ellis tweeted that Maxwell’s new LP is on point! Check out for the link to Lisa Ellis’ tweet.

If you’re wondering who Lisa Ellis is, from reading her bio she previously (as in possibly, no longer) held a position as Executive Vice President of Sony Music Label Group.

Also, if you follow interviews that Maxwell has done, Ms. Ellis is quoted as saying the following about Maxwell’s absence and the lack thereof of scandal,

“That’s what I think was the most puzzling thing for mostly the media to even understand…”

and also

“No, he didn’t crash. No, he didn’t gain 500 pounds. No, he didn’t have a drug problem. No, he didn’t go off the deep end. He was just living.”

from Maxwell returns, refreshed and ready to tour (The Boston Globe 2008, pg. 2).

UPDATE: More Praise for MAXWELL’s BLACKsummers’night from BET Executive Editor of Music @AnderasHale (April 20, 2009).


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6 Responses to “MAXWELL’s (BLACKsummers’night) Receives Praise!”

  1. onelove68 Says:

    I had never heard this interview before. This was nice. I know he’s probably tired of explaining why he took a break. Well Maxwell your fans understand and believe you(smile)!

  2. Jennifer aka JROSE Says:

    I don’t understand why everyone is so hung up on *what happened* to maxwell? It’s as though you have to be in the spotlight all the time. That’s like when we are in school or not in the public eye enjoying everyday life (going to work, being with friends, family). I guess if you don’t crave the public spotlight all the time when you are a public figure that some people think something is wrong with you. Pretty sad.

    I’ve seen the same thing said about Shavar Ross who grew up in the public eye but he is just living and taking life one day at a time.

    Now, he is in school learning and trying to enjoy the time he has with his family. That is called LIVING to me.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Vanesles McKoy Says:

    I’t really didn’t matter to me how long of a break he took, I’m just so very happy that he’s back and he’s back stronger than ever.
    The Max lovers far out weigh the haters.
    You go MAXWELL and like I always say:
    Keep conquering YOUR universe!
    Thank you so very much LMN, you are awesome!
    Vanesles11 Mff

  4. Janice Clark Says:

    Whatever the reason was for Maxwell’s break was his business. We all need a break in life sometimes. I’m glad he’s back and didn’t forgets his fans who adores him. Now he’s better than ever with more greatness. Do what you do Max, it’s alright with me.
    Thanx for info.

  5. Assata Says:

    From Maxwell’s Twitter: ‘BLACK’summers’night: JULY SEVENTH TWO THOUSAND NINE!


  6. Susan Says:

    Like I said before, Maxwell does not even have to sing for us to love him, he just needs to smile. OMG i cant wait for this summer!!! Is anyone else on the edge of themselves waiting?

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