Alchemist Speaks About Collabo w/MAXWELL


Previously mentioned, MAXWELL, a featured artist on Alchemist’s upcoming cd, super producer/rapper Alchemist speaks about the collaboration between himself and Maxwell to XXLmag.

…For one, in addition to Twista, “Smile” features an appearance from legendarily reclusive soul singer Maxwell. “I definitely feel like it was special and was meant to be because I don’t always collaborate with R&B artists,” ALC said of hooking up with Max. “If we just wanted him for a song and didn’t know him, it wouldn’t have happened. It was just circumstances of life that led us to do this record. I feel like super lucky, where every time I see Max, I overly thank him. He’s like, ‘We good! Your shit is dope.’”

The collaboration was the result of encounters between the two on the NY club scene, resulting in only the second feature from Maxwell in the past decade or so—the only other coming on the 2004 Nas song “No On Else In The Room. “From going out and just living in New York, there’s a couple of friends of mine downtown who do parties—DJ Jus Ske and my man, Richie Akiva—who were also friends with Max,” detailed Alc. “A couple nights when I was out with them, he was there, too. We chopped it up and realized there’s a mutual respect and after a couple more times of seeing him, decided to do something.” Chemical Warfare which features “Smile” will hits stores on June 2, 2009…



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3 Responses to “Alchemist Speaks About Collabo w/MAXWELL”

  1. Vanesles McKoy Says:

    I’m just so happy to see MAXWELL fulfilling his destiny.
    Keep conquering YOUR universe MAX., it’s YOUR time!

    As always, LMN, you guys are all awesome, super job!

  2. Janice Clark Says:

    Any artist who can collaborate with Maxwell’s voice would be the luckest person in the world. If Maxwell agree with it …so do I. Do what’s right for you, Max !

  3. miriam g.p. Says:

    ooooh weeee, with all this upcoming Maxwell stuff I am definitely going to Have A BIG MAX ATTACK. I LOVE this man and can not get enough of him. Keep it coming Maxwell and I will eat it up. G

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