TV Alert: MAXWELL on 106 and Park (April 28, 2009)


TV Alert: MAXWELL to premiere PRETTY WINGS video on BET’s 106 and Park (April 28, 2009)  tune in 6pm EST. See message.

FYI: According to the Facebook message, the group will be closing soon. Make sure you have your eyes open for more official info from Maxwell’s twitter account. The brand new and beautifully filmed Pretty Wings video will stream via & Tell everybody you know to get on it. If you missed his appearance on 106 and Parkclick here.

Update: MAXWELL will be performing during the 2009 BET Awards airing Sunday, June 28.

Sources: Countdown to NEW MAXWELL VIDEO & via twitter @Vibe Magazine, @_MAXWELL_


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8 Responses to “TV Alert: MAXWELL on 106 and Park (April 28, 2009)”

  1. Vanesles McKoy Says:

    This is great news, as always,


  2. toyia ayers Says:

    YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN’T WAIT!

  3. SheJuana Matthews Says:

    I can not wait!!!!! I LOVE Maxwell!

  4. Vanesles McKoy Says:


  5. Vanesles McKoy Says:


  6. Susan Says:

    Maxwell, Maxwell Maxwell!! Pretty wings was so beautiful. We watched him perform during last years tours yet the more i listened the more beautiful it got! Watching him on BET and watching the new video was breathtaking.

    Something to hold on to before 07/07/09 – the song, the video, the dreams…

  7. CC Says:

    agree, the more you listen to PW the more beautiful. peace

  8. Janice Clark Says:

    Great video!!!! Play it over and over. The best video you done so far. GOOD JOB!!!

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