Pretty Wings Video and Song: Your Thoughts?


Now, that you have watched MAXWELL‘s latest video Pretty Wings from the BLACKsummers’night trilogy a fabillion times, what do you think about it?


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59 Responses to “Pretty Wings Video and Song: Your Thoughts?”

  1. Sylvia Says:

    I love Maxwell, no doubt. I was hoping for a little more in the video, but at this point I will take what I can get.
    The sound is different than is other songs. I still like it though. It has a very current sound. Toward the end it starts to really get good when he sings with his raspy voice. I missed him making eye contact in the video like in the past. It almost felt like he was unsure, but I could be totally off. I love him and I am a devoted fan. I still think he is a genius and the best is yet to come.

  2. Vanesles McKoy Says:

    MAXWELL hasn’t skipped a beat. This video is the breath of fresh I’ve been waiting for, for so long. It’s another masterpiece, MAXWELL, has the magic touch.
    This video reminds me of a soft, warm, soothing caress to me ears as well as my soul!

  3. Nicki=Maxwell fan Says:

    Maxwell did say in one of his interviews that the “BLACK” album would have a dark edgy feel to it. So the video fits perfectly, reminds me of a supernatural movie especially at the end when the women elevate from the bed.Overall, I love the video and I love Maxwell!

  4. Janice Clark Says:

    I luv the video. Now I can get used to the no hair look. I think I can understand it more clearly with the different women by listening to the lyrics with the video. I wish he would show more skin. LOL But its all good. Much luv to ya Max!!! God bless you.

  5. Michelle Says:

    I could be totally wrong, however, I believe the lack of eye contact goes perfect with the message in the song. It’s too painful to face/see..what he’ll never be able to see in the future or now. So it’s an avoidance issue…All of that aside, I absolutely adore this song and the video. I am so excited that Maxwell is back!!

  6. Verbie Says:

    Hearing the song in its entirety vs. the snippet made me love it more and video just capped it off. I am in love again (LOL). Maxwell’s videos are very artistic. He does not have the run of the mill (rump-shakin’) video. You have to watch it over and over. Of course (I think) he designs them to illicit differing interpretations.

    I have not formed mine yet, still working on what do “all the women” mean? But that is his genius — to get us talking like this. I love the production. The musicians are awesome. I love his voice –he tells the story with his voice. OF COURSE we just simply love him. Bravo Maxie-Poo, I love it….both thumbs up from me.

  7. veronica Says:

    I love this video. I feel that is speaks to a fantasy that some women have about him. Women are like, ‘Maxwell, I love him, i love him!!’ and feel that they may truly hook up with this man at some point. He is in this video ( I think) and is saying “you can fantasize about me, dream about me, but Im not really with you. Its just a dream’. He’s says, in the video near the end. ” Someone else will love you or someone else will come along” something to that affect. At least this is my take on this video. It is a beautiful video and song.

  8. Musesage Says:


    I totally felt it and wrote a short poem-

    The different ethnic pitches which stitches to enrich-
    Importune to release the gloom-
    With the colors of lovers-
    At the four corners of true-
    There is your virtue-
    Just see yourself with-
    Sex and things-
    Sing your Pretty Wings-
    Turmoil channeling white to elation-
    Affliction always brings addiction-
    But it brings freedom to see them-
    Clear sight what love is or how you love-
    Live, Live, Live-
    And Love-
    Wrong or right remain strong-
    You have sight-
    Drumming with the triangles-
    The transformation is blue-
    Start and finish your art-
    It’s yours and faith-
    It will never sleep-
    A thousand lives-

    My inspiration besides the video:

    Psalms 90:14 – 91:167/7

    The video:

  9. toyia ayers Says:

    i just love the video it shows the grown up Maxwell. which is what we been waiting for true Maxwell fans will understand this is grown folks music and video. lets just make sure it gets on the count down by going to 106and park and vote everyday for the video to get some air play. also call your radio stations and request it. i have only heard it twice in North Carolina

  10. Susan Says:

    Eight years worth the wait. If all I had wass Pretty Wings to live with for another long time I could deal with it…but, I dont have to. Cant wait for full album July 7th. Maxwell, we salute you.

  11. JaQueen Says:

    We used to talk about how Max never really made physical contact with his female co-stars. Well we got a whole lotta contact in this video. It was sexy enough to make the HARDCORE JAQUEEN blush. Although it’s not what I thought it would be, it was still nice to see that Max still hasn’t lost a talented sexy step.

    I want that kiss on my neck.

  12. DJ Says:

    I saw this post on another site and I agree with it’s sentiments.

    “I am an avid Max fan. I enjoyed his concert and especially his new song “Cold.” Pretty wings is a pretty video but as a whole it is disappointing and not up to his past creations. In the time of a Black, married, committed president his new release and vid talks about the same old stereotypical womanizing behavior that’s constantly spewed on the air ways. Sure there is no rump shaking, and the women aren’t ho’s, but a middle aged man and young girls has been played out already by Russell and Jay Z.

    Where is the courtship or as he has indicated- the complicated or sometimes “BLACK” side of relationships? “Pretty Wings” does not have the depth of “Fortunate” or “Woman’s Work” or the fire and excitement of “Until the Cops comes Knocking.”

    I really hope that future releases from BLACK reveal a more developed and deeper side of relationships. “What’s Goin’ On” Max?!

  13. Krishna Says:

    This video is in a class of it’s own.
    Absolutely SPELLBINDING~~!!

  14. DJ Says:

    In simple words, Max’s songs made me feel as if I was the “ONLY” one. The video says “I’ve had many, many, many… girls”- none of which I wanted to commit to. Maybe I’m just old fashioned. Hmmmm

  15. LadyB Says:

    Pretty Wings…….The story to be continued……

    I think the video represents the past loves in his life at one time or another with the last love being someone he met as he states “The right Person at the Wrong time for whatever reasons, he wasn’t totally committed or maybe she wasn’t.” It symbolizes him thinking of them and recalling the good passionate moments with each one. They all didn’t quite work out as planned and I know I can relate to that as I’m quite sure we have all been pretty wings at some point in our lives but also I can testify to finding the strength to walk away from love as well.

    The most riveting point in the video for me was of course the women rising above the bed “flying their pretty wings while they slept” because it’s there, where he bid his good bye and well wishes for each of them. I loved when Max reached for the one woman but she was too far gone and no longer in his grasp; that represents to me that after thought of I should try to get it back but I know it’s not going to work so, he turns and walk away, never to Look Back , releasing them to find Someone else who is going to love them better and also he will be free to find it for himself as well.

    My favorite words are “Someone is going to Love you Better” those words leaves the story to be continued.

    I like this video because it shows maturity when 2 people can no longer keep it together and they eventually part ways with no drama or obsessiveness, this is how it should be done!! This was just my take on it……..

    Pretty Wings was just the introduction to good things to come……..

  16. vicki/aka vickivail/aka crownvic Says:

    classic, simply maxy. simple harmonies that are just enough. lyrics speak volumes. HORNS, my God the horns set his sound apart. old school flavor. my cochlea runneth over. have we told you how much we love you, maxy? well, we’re telling you from the bottom of our hearts! God bless!

  17. MJ Says:

    i love it. i think Maxwell is an incredible master mind. i can’t lie & say that i didn’t hope for more, but i am satisfied nevertheless & the more i watch it the more i love it. Maxwell is a genius & welcome back sir! we’ve been waiting long enough! ❤

  18. Nae Says:

    I’m ecstatic to see Maxwell is back and this song and video is the start of great things to come! I’ve loved the song since hearing it on his 2008 tour and am so happy to have it in full on my Ipod! The song and video exudes so much emotion, I feel every word he sings. I also like how he displays women from different races as if the video could relate to any person’s relationship. I’m excited about these trilogies, 7/7/09 and the upcoming tours….One Million Strong in sales…he’s going to do it!

  19. DJ Says:

    “Someone is going to Love you Better” sounds like “it’s not you babe-it’s me.” This is a time worn statement for lack of commitment. I love romance and and the dreaminess of the video, but he is with four women.

    He alludes to maybe a regret of not loving her better but in the mist of four sexual partners… maybe?
    or maybe loving four women better?
    Or maybe the best in all four women?

    I saw a lot of sexual innuendos but not necessarily love making? I’ve heard many men speak of “sampling the menu” when it comes to different ethnic groups and women. He also says that he lied to his lover(s) and admits he was wrong. This sort of supports what he says in his interviews, she came around when he wasn’t looking for commitment.

    I must admit I have never been anyone’s “Pretty Wings.” ( I married my one lover.) For me intimacy is my all in all because there is only one of me. Saying this, it has not been my personal experience or those whom I know to walk away from a love sexual relationship without the drama.

    In other words is Max admitting to being a “dawg?!”

  20. Val Says:

    I simply adored the video……I saw it on BET and had my DVR ready to record it so I could watch it over and over and over again. (smile) Max is the best at what he does…a true GENIUS! God is truly shining on this young brotha’. I’ve loved Max from the very beginning and I will always be a DIE HARD FAN!! Can’t wait for the album to drop July 7th.

  21. Phil Says:

    I liked the track on the snippet version more than version thats on the radio. The subtlety of the instruments on the snippet allowed for the lyrics of the song to stand out more. Overall, I still love the song. It’s about time we’ve had some real R&B come back to the forefront of music.

  22. LadyB Says:

    Let me clear & correct something…..

    Pretty Wings for me symbolizes A Good woman whom a man wasn’t able to recognize at the time and had to let go because he wasn’t quite ready to love her the way she needed or deserved to be loved. If you have ever had more than 1 relationship, then perhaps everyone has been someone’s pretty wings and for those that haven’t Bless you and that’s not always the case. This video & song is doing what it should do and that is, it’s there’s no right or wrong answer and it’s open to your own interpretation which is what true Art & Music should do.

  23. belinda Says:


  24. Abdel Says:

    Just one thought Maxwell is back and back is Maxwell. Thks

  25. UniqueDiva Says:

    We loved it!

  26. Marcia Says:

    Love Maxwell, one of the greatest singers and entertainers.

  27. DJ Says:

    “Black ” promises to be interesting to say the least. An artist’s work regardless of the media tends to reflect small nuggets of that individual’s past/ present, desires and experiences. It will be interesting to see if Max reveals a “Me and Mrs Jones” persona, or something as timeless as Al Jarreau’s “After All” or “Take Five.”

    I personally want this phase of his career to be filled with wonderful music and success. Good artists are able to ply their trade a lifetime to sold out audiences.

    I mentioned Al as I was able to catch his concert when he came through town. He sold out one of the best venues to a mixed age and ethnic group. Al has got to be at least 65. Not once has he ever gyrated or used the vulgar antics so prevalent today. The man’s voice is incredible.

    I’d love to see a 65 year old Max well received. An eight yr hiatus is a long time but not impossible. Good music and much success, Max!!!

  28. MYLADY Says:


  29. Crystal Says:

    I thought the video was beautiful and tastefully done. As usual Maxwell at his finest!! Its been a very long time coming, this is what real music is all about. Maxwell always puts such feeling in what he does, and this is why I am and will always be a supporter of his music. Welcome back Maxwell!!! It is definately Time!!!!

  30. TAYA Says:


  31. alycia rashea Says:

    I love anything Maxwell! He could never go wrong with me!

  32. Steve Says:

    I don’t care as much about the video as I do the song itself. The first half of the song is sexy, slow and I was totally diggin’ it. Then he roughed up the second half of the song, made it edgier and louder. Guess I loved the first part of the song and fell out of love with the second half. The trumpets playing at the end of the song/video don’t really make me think black summers night. After a long absence, I guess I’m hoping for a good new dose of relaxing/lounging/love making music. I guess that explains why my favorite songs of his are all slow jams 🙂

  33. Jennifer aka JROSE Says:

    May I comment more on the song..

    I honestly don’t pay that much attention to videos but I am sure he had the best directors for the film quality – was that high definition? Great to display on a HD tv.

    However, the beginning of the song continues to unnerve me in a way that this is the part that he felt was bittersweet. When I heard that sound it was hard for me to appreciate the smoothness of the song from that ding ding sound from the wind chime.

    If I heard the song without hearing that wind chime then it would flow better for me but then I realize that was the essence of the song. I got it. I just don’t care for that ding ding sound. : X It gives me a headache. I really apologize for being negative and I know some will hate me for the revelation but that is the 1 part of the song that makes my heartACHE.

    : / I only provided this honest response since you asked.

  34. dc Says:

    I think the video is a beautiful compliment to the song. The song is well written and passionately sung. What I’ve always appreciated about Maxwell’s music is that it is literally “Soul Music”. Music that is conceived and born from the soul. Even when he has sung songs written by other artists, he manages to make them his own. For me Pretty Wings means whatever the listener wants it to mean. Maxwell may have written it based on a personal experience(s) in his life, however someone else may hear it and have a completely different concept. I love that he is evolving as an artist. I think that his past work is phenomenal and he has definitely raised the bar in music. I’m looking forward to the future of his music, I think it will be a wonderful musical journey.

  35. Nicole Says:

    I LOVE the song and I like the video, but I am a little PO’d that all the girls in the video were stick figures. Come on now, you know Max like a girl with some booty, so why these girls???? LOL

  36. Janice Clark Says:

    I understand every word Maxwell sang in this song and he is right. When you love one person another person comes along and you realize that you are not in love with them, you are IN love with someone else. You would want that person to be just as happy as you are by letting them go and find someone better. I am living that situation now.

  37. Ashley Says:

    I fell in love with the snippet of ‘Pretty Wings’ right off the bat. However, I had to watch the video maybe three or four times in order to see it in a creative way. I do think that the video offers a ‘darker’ side of relationships – everything from the antique look and feel of the room to the way Maxwell looks so pained & remorseful.. I really do appreciate his creative vision & I think having been away for 8 years truly allowed him to live life in order to be inspired by the music as he said in a recent interview. I’m excited for BLACK’s release.

  38. Ashley Says:

    I also took this song (mostly the snippet part) as a closure song. I felt like it was released at the perfect time when I was trying to get over my ex… & it really helped me to close the door totally to that relationship so I could really move on.

  39. Divanystic Says:

    Love the song, love the video, love Max!! I don’t want to over analyze the video or speculate about the artist’s “meaning”. Anything I could say about it would only be conjecture. Just want to slurp it up, enjoy it and my favorite soul man. Them pret-tay wangs….them pret-tay wangs…..

  40. CC Says:

    i appreciated the way he just let himself appear to be reflecting in deep thought and anguish, about whatever this situation is. and not cheezing and profiling for camera sake. Oh, and i love the rapsy sounding voice(smile) Hope he do the unreheased dancing “look” at the shows.

  41. justafan Says:

    I don’t think this is about the love a woman as he makes it sound. I think this is really about his love for music and his hiatus…kind of like “I use to luv her” by Common. I know he says differently, so that might just be the case. But given the timing of it being his first single after a long hiatus. Just a thought.

  42. chiiskim Says:

    This song transforms Maxwell as an artists. It left me breathless but then again the song was a breath of fresh air. The music world has been choked by a lot of unlistenable music but Maxwell always brings new life to it. This song is a MASTERPEICE! Brilliant! The snippet gave it a beginning but the second verse brought it to the forefront. The horns that come in gave me chills and then when you thought the song was over Maxwell gives you more and that is what I love so much about him! Maxwell is a true artist that captures every emotion through his music. Please don’t ever stay away as long as you did again. Because it truly broke my heart. You give the music industry meaning and depth and there are not many artist who do that. I wish I didn’t have to wait so long for your album, but on 7*7*09 i will be first in line!

  43. DJ Says:

    Ok last post. If this were a rapper, let’s say lil Wayne would the message, the video be as beautiful. Not over analyzing but it’s still four women, a lot of thighs, boobs, and butt and one man. hmmm

  44. tasha Says:

    Do i love it? well, i really liked the snippet of the song. this is the first time seeing the video and hearing the whole song. The video is not what I expected at all, but then again Maxwell isnt the type to do the expected. I think that the feel of the song and the video go well together.
    What I do love are the lyrics and hearing Maxwell’s voice again!

  45. Fnkshui Says:

    The song is pure genius and the closest that any artist since Marvin will get to just plain sangin’ Soul music. This cat is perfection…..the arrangements, the organ & horns, his harmonies and as several previous fans have pointed out when he “roughs it up” it don’t get no betta. I don’t really have an opinion on the video other than to say that it was a vehicle for me to see him deliver a vision he has for the intense and clever lyrics. Nobody can touch this cat!?

  46. Vanesles McKoy Says:

    MAXWELL has this magnificent ability of being able to see the big picture before it even begins. Pretty wings appears so soft and warm, however, it compels you to look deeper. Every time I watch the video, I see something more.
    Only a genius can accomplish that!
    Vanesles imh

  47. Kia Says:

    The video is beautiful:

    The overall point to the video is he a few relationships but it was that one relationship that one love that he wishes he could have back but in the end he felt that is just better to let her go her own way. Simply beautiful, I think we can all relate to having that one relationship that we wish would could have back.

    Love you Max! Can’t wait till July 7th

  48. Anthony Says:

    I LOVE the song. Snippet may have been a little better than the full. But love the FULL song, not the video edited cut.

    The video is WHACK a bit. It looks nice. Beautifully shot. But has this ending of Ghostbusters feel of them floating, just seems so corny that its called pretty wings and to have them float. So contrived. It pulls you out… And the overly sexualized nature is horrible. I understand maxwell had gay rumors and is trying to cover them, but being in BED with all these women.

    How do you prove you’re not GAY: but laying up and a romp with women of different races… and to excite them, get them off to point where they literally Float, Fly. Are you kidding me… The story or plot, or overall theme is muddled and lost. The director did a great job with Beyonce, but gets a flag on the play for this…

    Come on Maxwell: there is HYPE WILLIAMS, there is LITTLE X, Chris Robinson, Melina, Sanaa Hamrii, Diane Martel who just shot that amazingly very sexy Ciara video. They really dropped the ball on this. A snippet that has teased for almost a year. And they do a video against a wall and women in bed. A lazy treatment. My eyes felt a large shame for him and what he was put into. Just SAD. Could have done better. Sorry, huge FAIL.

  49. Vica Says:

    The lyrics of this songs harvest more personal meaning for me. Also, it rings bitter sweet for me because it appears to be a reflection of my marriage. And everytime I listen to it, it brings me to tears. Why? because I fear that I am my husband’s pretty wings. But this ballad also brings encouragement and hope. The lyrics are NOT saying that this is the end of love, but a new beginning of the way love is suppose to be when two people are together. This is what I love about Maxwell. This Woman’s Work, Fortunate, Whenever Wherever Whatever are; in my opinion, are matters of the heart.

    But on a lighter note, I am so glad that Max is back I have all of his albums and CD singles. There is something about Maxwell that makes people play his music over and over again. I must’ve played this song fifteen times at one sitting. The more I hear it, the more I want to hear.

  50. Nicole Says:

    I wasn’t going to comment, but now I have to:

    @Anthony: I don’t know what you are using as a frame of reference to even minorly suggest that this video is “overly sexualized”. There is nothing “overly” sexual about this video. At best, it’s mildly sensual.

    Everyone has their opinion based on their own perceptions but there is such a thing called “reaching”.

    I’m only familiar with 2 of the directors you named(Williams and Hamrii). If you see the vid as “overly sexualized” I don’t know how a director like Williams could possibly help.

    And please don’t ever use Ciara as a reference point when discussing Maxwell. No offense, but we’re dealing with two completely different types of music and artistic motivations.

    Lastly, I thought it was classless of you to not be able to present your perceptions/opinions about why you liked or didn’t like the video, w/o bringing up baseless, unfounded rumors about Max.

  51. Aida Says:

    Absolutely co/sign with ‘Nicole May 18th’.

    I think the video was subtle sexy, the song sounds as if an angel pissed in my ear, and I personally don’t think it was corny at all to have the ladies float above him..

    Now about using different women of all different nationalities,I don’t know what the reason was for that but I think it looks cool, and that’s all I need from a video.

  52. Anthony Says:

    @ Nicole well I thought I did explain the sexualized nature but I attempt to dig hence forth. The video does NOT have women tossing and turning. There legs are moving back and forth, lips separate and clinching there bodies. Panting and breathing out… granted they are most likely models and they CAN’T act but we don’t look at models for acting or their brains.

    Hot and bothered. They are getting excited, caress, veins begin to bulge as sheets are tossed away as they cannot contain themselves. Every woman in the video shifts there legs back and forth as to fill the heat. Hunching forward and clinching pillows and bedding. And the longest shot of the video is a silk sheet being removed from a woman, revealing a round bare buttocks… at 2:47-2:52. That killed it… then as the sheet comes off. At 3:00 his hand goes in between the legs. Then they all have mouths that open. And no longer legs are shifting, they are laying flat on their backs and as they pant softer they float. Come on… And as for the rumors, yes, to dispel them, this video was created. It’s called good PR work. I personally don’t care if he is or not… He performs amazingly and writes beautifully. He has an incredible stage presence that is probably equal to maybe Prince.

    And if you actually READ, I was not comparing him to Ciara, I mentioned that her video was sexy, yet classy to an extent, the VIDEO. It was done with a touch of artistry by Diane Martel, the lights, the colors, the intimacy. This Pretty Wings tried to be Erotic but wasn’t. It attempted to be seductive, and it was borderline laughable. Yet fans love it, cause it’s him.

    This is just how I saw it. It’s there… Now a classy seductive sweet sensual moment is in “love jones” where she is with the pillow and he is on the couch. Something like that… maybe, that would fit the song better. Someone he can’t have but yet so close… in the other room, just inches but miles and miles away.

    -Hype has shot some amazing R&B clips, everything by Mary J Blige, or Caught Out There by Kelis. A visual delight to the eyes and taps into the essence of the song.
    -Hamri (you know) just stellar.
    -Chris Robinson- made ATL, and Tyrese video in the bed that was passion, also some by Usher.
    -Little X- usher: u got it bad. and countless others.

    It just seemed like a treatment devised to shield the rumors that were running ramped…

    I’m just highly upset because I love and adore this song so much. It’s so beautiful. I cried when I first heard it. I listened to it so many times… it’s touching and compact. And having a strong affection for visuals and video directors think it could have been done so much better. At least some passion, some compassion, so gull of affection. Instead of a ladies man wet dream video. As the record plays, these women hear me, they think of me, they start to touch and then get hot and feel themselves, feeling them, feeling me, and erupt into the burst, the float. Come off it.

    Hamri would have killed this video… her hand held. Her story set ups… or Diane Martel, whew, she would have brought the delicate song a touch of maturity. or the best, whew Mark Romanek, he would have created this as a jewel. The video just leaves a bad taste. It feels possibly like something on Skinemax. The song is a treasure, the video is shot well but feels hollow and empty.

  53. Bridget J Says:

    Maxwell….Thanks for coming back to us. I absolutely love the single and I’m looking forward to the release of the new album. R&B is taking back its rightful place in music, which is at the very top! Keep making us happy with your music, Maxwell.

  54. Kialas Says:


    Thank you for staying to true to yourself. Thank you for blessing us with your beautful music . Thank you for sharing you with us your true fans. With everything that is going on in the world today, we need to hear music that is meaningful and that is what you have continued to bless us with. It is sad that everyone is so caught up in an image that they fail to see the beauty in you and your music.

  55. Demal J Says:

    Interesting. I’ve read everyone’s take on this and I’ve heard a few rumors myself of where the song came from, rather was inspired by a story of someone Maxwell knew. I wonder how much is true about this, but it would make sense that this song seems to reach out to more people in normal situations more so than some of his past songs.

    My take on it is that it’s a good song lyric wise. It takes what most of us have felt about having a past lover, and knowing that the relationship had passed it’s prime.

    I think the video hints on some of that as well as the only interaction he has with the women is a physical one. Those feelings tend to be the most inaccessible thing to bring back when remembering someone you care for or in other words, the physical touch is what most of us wish we can recreate through memory. In the end, my take, he remembers it’s not possible and stops trying, knowing that he has to move on.

  56. dc Says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb and make an educated guess. I’m guessing that at this stage in Maxwell’s career he probably has plenty of creative control. That being said, I believe that the Pretty Wings video was created with the sole purpose of translating Maxwell’s concept of his Pretty Wings song. In my opinion it was brilliantly done. The video was simple, sensual, and seductive. I think that it is work that he can be proud of.

  57. dorlp1 Says:

    This is a beautiful song and video. Maxwell is so nice watch, he sings with so much passion. I am a fan forever. I Will order all 3 CD’s to support Max. Peace..

  58. geneviva lang Says:

    beautiful classic song by one of our greatest songwriters of all time
    video evokes a smooth, silky, sensitive player but a player none the less (just talking about the video song) not Maxwell personally.

  59. geneviva lang Says:

    Now here is my grandmotherly advice for Maxwell. Now that you’ve had more life experience and varied situations, find a woman who is not with you for your fame, money or talent (maybe someone as talented and so on in her own right, or who somehow has an uncorrupted heart) and then love that one woman all your days with total dedication. You’ll be happy and so will she. Old fashioned things are old because they last. Think about it.

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