BLACKsummers’night cover: What Do You Think?


THE LATEST MAXWELL NEWS wants to know what you think about MAXWELL’s new album cover for BLACKsummers’night (JULY 07, 2009)? Do you love it, hate it, could it have been better, what do you think about the colors, let LMN know.

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45 Responses to “BLACKsummers’night cover: What Do You Think?”

  1. FEE Says:

    i like this…it shows the maturity of the man…very simple..but it speaks volumes….

  2. Assata Says:

    Love it…..simply beautiful!!!

  3. kissofdanger Says:

    I love it!

  4. Janice Clark Says:

    Nice profile, but it looks like something is missing in the background. I like it but honesty I don’t love it. I’m sorry Max. I love the PRETTY WINGS cover better. If that’s how he want it, so be it.

  5. Charles L. Says:

    Dont care what the cover look like as long as the album comes out i’ll be fine. it could’ve been blank and said BLACKsummers’night i would still be just as hype about it

  6. Sherry Says:

    It is Maxwell…..I love it!

  7. Claudia baez Says:

    Love it ! Grown man status

  8. cookie Says:

    lovely…… coming from him as a more matured man…i love it….he doesn’t need anything fancy and crazy to promote his music……it speaks for its self

  9. Sylvia Says:

    LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! Its Maxwell and his profile is gorgeous!

  10. Pantera Negra Says:

    Me encanta mucho, his profile is just as wonderful. But I think the title should have been placed vertically in front of him. I don’t like that it obstructs the view somewhat. But everything else is perfection, claro que sí.

  11. dee.m Says:

    the shadow across the side of his face,the light hitting his lapel,the reminiscing silhouette,it all works. great photo art.

  12. Sarah Says:

    I love it. The main reason why I like it is because this album cover seems to be reflective of him and his progression. The 2009 Maxwell is someone who appears to be more confident, more comfortable in his own skin and has learned to accept all aspects of himself down to the barest/ most simplistic level. The album cover not only reflects that but in its own way demand that you love him on that level as well. Just him …….. which is Simply Beautiful !!!!!!

  13. Sarah Says:

    One last comment …… as a fellow Manhattan born …. Brooklyn raised Haitian-American I am so happy that you (Maxwell) are now openly embracing and celebrating your heritage. You have no idea how much it means to us and how much we love you and have always loved you. Thank You & shout to Wyclef. That twitter intro was hilarious !!!!!!!

  14. towney Says:

    I totally agree with Charles L. Even on that note, the cover is showing just how handsome Maxwell is. His profile is flawless. I really luv it.

  15. melie Says:

    i don’t like it. it just seems so plain and it doesn’t capture that feel that you want for someone to want to pick up the album. i dunno, but maybe i was hoping for something eye catching like his embrya album was.

  16. Kia Says:

    For those Max fans that have been eagerly anticipating his new album, please join the MFF in making MAXWELL:ONE IN A MILLION. On July 7, 2009 show your love and support by buying Blacksummersnight and let’s make Maxwell platinum!!!!! :0)

  17. dc Says:

    I like it. I like it because it encourages me to want to know what he has to say in his music. Black is deep, and complex and beautiful. I think that this cover will reflect the essence of the music.

  18. Jenna J Says:

    I believe the album cover is simply beautiful – many may think it’s too simple or not up to all the hype but sometimes that’s all you need when the music, lyrics and passion involved are that slammin! I think the album cover leaves it’s meaning to your own interpretation which is totally “Maxwell”. In my opinion, the cover reflects a mature Maxwell that’s put his life experiences from the past few years he’s been away and is now ready to take us on a journey within the 3 albums that will be released. It’s meaning….well that’s up to you to interpret.

  19. rybit Says:

    Wait a minute!!!!

    I thought this was a 3 part series!!?? I thought Black was coming out this year; Summers’ and then Night in a year by year installment. I’m confused? I almost don’t believe this is the cover. It looks nothing like his myspace. But like I said I am more concerned with getting some grooves!!

  20. thelatestmaxwellnews Says:

    @rybit, it is in 3 parts BLACKsummersnight is the first, blackSUMMERSnight is the second, blacksummersNIGHT is the third.

  21. onelove68 Says:

    Love this man no matter what his covers look like. All i care about is the music anyway. But I do like it. It shows the level of maturity he is at in his life and that’s a good thing.

  22. GEo Says:

    It ok but we know the music is going to be what we’ve waiting for….I missed tour …hit the road again..BE BLESSED

  23. natalie Says:

    Love LOve the colors are fabulous!! Very clean.

  24. Sun Says:

    Fierce..immortal. Love it!

  25. Miss Nikki Says:

    It’s beautiful, clean and mature. I love it!!!

  26. np Says:

    classic timeless like the man himself 🙂

  27. Crystal Says:

    Cover is very nice I love the Purple color in the title. Maxwell has matured and the cd cover represents that! But hey its the Music that counts right?

  28. UniqueDiva Says:

    I think its Beautiful!

  29. Lisa Says:

    It takes a beautiful man to make such a beautiful cover. This cover is simple, yet classy, mature and very sexcee, just like the Man…

    Maxwell, I will see you in Vegas…again.

  30. Rob Hill Says:

    Love it. I think what people have been saying about the ‘maturity’ status def applies. Even though Maxwell has ALWAYS been on grown man status, lol. It’s a statement basically sayin: I’m here now, I’m chillin doin my thing.

  31. francesca Says:


  32. Anthony Says:

    DON’T LIKE IT. It’s void of life it appears and yes the album would seem to be about that… But the very first pic he was using on his myspace…
    MAXWELL in the SHOWER, with water hitting him and an unseen woman holding a few chains on his neck.
    That one was priceless, beautiful, elegant, and sexy all in one frame, the look of despair upon his brow.

    The frustrated love that is so near. That picture was hittin’ and now this. The picture or cover is also misleading. A still simple shot, yet he plans to do a track with NAS… please. I would accept this if it was an album of him and his band… no featured bull crap rap crap/crap hop.

  33. Aida Says:

    I think it fits the album(from what he has told us that it will be; deep,losing a love,soul,pain etc) very well.Its simple,subtle(as mostly everything he does),I LOVE the purple font..And even though his face is dark you can still manage to see a look that kinda says;Im in pain-ish ( or am I trippin)

    I also thinks this photo kinda emphasizes the fact that he doesn’t have his afro anymore. Plus little detail,the ‘spot’ being on his ear;as if it’s almost saying; just listen,it’s all about the music.I’m not showing my face cause it’s not about the looks, image,hair, clothes whatever. Just listen.

    I think the cover stands out.

  34. Anthony Says:

    ACTUALLY, to be honest… it’s not the best BEST photo. As I mentioned I think the other one was great…

    This one has a sad stare. Its void of light, and thats hot.
    The emptiness felt on his face is barely seen, the light is upon the other side… it forces you to LOOK closer in on him. And believe the songs will do the same.

    The only thing visible truly in the dark is his EAR, wow.
    The bright light hits hard and harshly upon him but upon the other side, SUMMERS or NIGHT, guessing…

  35. dc Says:

    The Urban Hang Suite cover did not have Maxwell’s image on it, yet it is one of my all time favorite album covers. The colors, the stiletto shoes, the wall, the floor. It invited you to come in and listen and listen I did! I’m certain that this cover will reflect the music from BLACKsummersnight in the same way. This photo to me says, that Maxwell the artist is reaching deep, and the music will be deep, complex, beautiful and so much more.

  36. Kitty Cat Says:

    I HEART it! I can’t wait for July 7, 2009

  37. Ariane Says:

    This photo is CLASSIC!
    That is why it is perfect for this anticipated CD….we’ve been waiting a LONG time. This new CD is one we will remember b/c of how long the wait has been and how great the comeback will be! Therefore, we need a pic that is classic and timeless…..just like the MAN!

    LUV U Maxwell!

  38. kia Says:

    For those that are wondering Blacksummersnight is broke down into three parts:

    Black which is being released July 7

    Summers will be released next year followed by Night in 2011!!!!

    It’s a shame that people are basing a cover on whether they are going to buy his CD. What about his music? People are just missing the whole aspect of his cover.

  39. CC Says:

    cool. its simple with a “dark statuesque BUST look”. seems fitting for 1st title BLACK. art (sorry for any wrong spell)

  40. Leila Leigh Says:

    While it is gorgeous, it looks an aweful lot like John Legend’s “Get Lifted” cover…don’t ya think??

  41. Lolita76 Says:

    This photo of the more mature & refined Maxwell is a classic one. I love this timeless black & white picture of him. For all of those, who aren’t satisfied for whatever reason, you’ll just have to be satisfied with the cd’s as they are released. I’m glad that Maxwell, is not trying to sell, his sex appeal on this cd cover. Maxwell is simply sex appeal/gorgeousness personified,without exposing and or wetting any part of his sexy body.” I LOVE YOU MAXWELL,YOU ARE & WILL ALWAYS BE (SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL BABY)”. I can’t wait till you comeback to Chicago,I will most definitly be purchasing one of those golden concert tickets !………….

  42. Katina Says:

    The fact that we all have our own opinions and views of what the album cover symbolizes is exactly what Maxwell wants. Over the years he has always stressed the fact that he wants people to draw their own conclusions and meanings from his music, and he doesn’t like to “spell out” the meaning of songs or anything for that matter. He loves when people, who each have different experiences and perspectives, relate his music to their own individual lives and circumstances because THAT is what leaves a lasting impression of a song in our hearts and minds. And, THIS is why we still love and crave Maxwell’s music, today… It’s no different with this album cover.

  43. tiffany Says:

    From what I hear him say about himself on interviews with the media, he does not want the man too be remembered but the MUSIC. This album cover translates nicely with his comments. It is simple and tells only what needs to be told THE MUSIC.

  44. HalfGay Says:

    I don’t know if I love it because I have been waiting for so long……or it is just simply beautiful. Either way….he is still focusing on the music

  45. Renee Says:

    The album cover is……SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL!…very nice, grown & sexy. I love it!

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