MAXWELL on the cover of UPTOWN magazine


NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The June/July 2009 issue of UPTOWN Magazine (on newsstands June 9th, can be found on some newsstand earlier) features “Soul Survivor,” Tomika Anderson’s cover story on Maxwell, the 90’s neo-soul success who went off the charts, off the radar and will release his first album in eight years this July.


Source: Businesswire & UPTOWN magazine


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13 Responses to “MAXWELL on the cover of UPTOWN magazine”

  1. 2Serenity aka JROSE Says:

    Yaah…now, it would be sweet if Rolling Stone would do a feature on maxwell and even wax poetics magazine (hint hint to the powers that be)? : D Thank you for keeping us informed! : P

  2. T Says:

    Thank you for letting us know! I’m gonna try and find it here but I’m pretty sure I won’t (I’m from Canada)….can I ask if you will be able to scan and post it if you get a copy? All the Canadian and European fans will love you forever. HUGE THANKS in advance.

  3. Nurse Angie Says:

    Oh my GEEZ! Handsomeness! Thank you!

  4. Kim Says:


  5. Aida Says:

    Ok so besides his ‘raw emotion face’ that he displayed in PW video I see Max got that ‘I wanna put some raw emotion on You’ face on lockdown as well LOL..Love it,thankss

  6. Janice Clark Says:

    “I’m back and not forgotten look.” I love it ! ! ! Thanks for the update.

  7. FEE Says:

    his face…it has so much POWER….his features are so striking…i never get used to it…u would never know looking at this picture that there is such a humble and sweet person behind it….

  8. tee Says:

    thanx 4 doing a great job of keepin us informed

  9. tee Says:

    MAXWELL looks perfect (as usual)

  10. Angela Says:

    OMG! I can hardly contain myself

  11. Vanesles McKoy Says:

    MAXWELL is a work of ART.
    I can hardly wait for the upcoming covers!

    As always, you are appreciated, truely!

  12. Nurse Deb Says:


  13. 2Serenity aka JROSE Says:

    Read the article last week (article was on the newsstands early here in NYC) but I am more interested in the process in which he creates music.

    I find that to be more intriguing from the artists I speak to. Someone needs to ask him more probing questions about the process in which he creates. His interview was personal which I think is great for those appreciators who want to know that side but I want to know:

    1. what is in his current playlist in terms of genre – does he listen to country? what international artists does he listen to?

    2. has he ever had any formal training in singing or does he have a vocal coach? I’m curious to know.

    3. does he write the lyrics of his songs via computer, blackberry or handwrite. If he uses long hand to write his songs does he:

    – use a moleskin notebook or a marble composition book or what?

    [random comment but my friend bumped into DMX once on the subway and said he had a marble notebook in his possession & he said he used that to write his verses. Does he have the same method?]

    Just some of my random thoughts. Thanks for sharing!

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