MAXWELL: SUMMER 09 Tour Tickets


TICKETS, TICKETS, get your MAXWELL Summer ’09 tickets. Come one, come all for a hot summer night you’ll never forget. Tickets for locations are on sale now or soon to be on sale. If you are looking for presale codes make sure you check out The Latest Maxwell News on MySpace & Twitter or your local radio. If you want direct links to purchasing your tickets, head on over to Maxwell on MySpace.

Now, for those of you wondering, why isn’t he coming to your part of town, city or the world. Uh, well, he is, that’s what he said via twitter & random interviews. He’ll be touring for the next two years pretty much everywhere. The locations first up, while SOME consider it a secondary market HE considers a primary market. See those locations. The places he hit up during Live ’08, will be arena stops during the Fall.

By no means should you miss out on seeing him this Summer because his band is off the meat racks, and Maxwell himself considers them the greatest band ever: The LADY the VOICE: Latina Webb, THE GRISZLE: Horns/Vox: Keyon Harrold (trum), Saunders Sermons II (trom), Kenneth Whalum III (sax), Percussion: Timbali, Keys Rhodes etc: Robert GLASPER, B3 Organ: shedrick MITCHELL, Guitar: hod DAVID, Guitar: wah wah WATSON, Bass: Derrick HODGE, Drums: Chris “Daddy” DAVE

Go..go on now and get your MAXWELL tickets now! You know you want to…


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3 Responses to “MAXWELL: SUMMER 09 Tour Tickets”

  1. Edvena Foreman Says:

    Will all venues have a presale code?

  2. Vanesles McKoy Says:

    MAXWELL represents CLASS! His band phenomenal!
    As far as I’m concerned, they’re once in a life time. Fortunately for me, I get to see him LIVE, AGAIN.
    All RESPECT due MAXWELL and his BAND!
    PEACE and infinite BLESSINGS to all of their AMAZINGLY beautiful UNIVERSES.
    THANK U, lmn.,ALWAYS-you ROCK♥

  3. DJ Says:

    How do you feel about the latest set of photos floating around the net of Maxwell and Nas and the white party?

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