WANTED: Fan Concert Experiences


…Again. Last year, those who follow The Latest Maxwell News were asked to share their concert experiences for Live 08. Well, again we are looking for those of you who have secured your tickets to share your experience. We’re gonna do something slightly different this time around. The rules are the same as last year –SEE RULES. Everyone is welcomed to participate.



5 Responses to “WANTED: Fan Concert Experiences”

  1. Talesa Dickerson Says:

    Where do I give my responce to this of my concert experience. Did not participate last year but my experience in ’08 was phenomenum. Wasn’t expecting or thinking to meet him and did. With that said it was almost overwhelming at the moment. Good times.

  2. Sarah Says:

    Hello, does Maxwell read the comments on this blog? or do you guys have actual access to Maxwell? Because I would give my right arm or first born to hear him sing “Drown Deep Hula” when he gets to Miami. He never sings that song and I would LOVE to hear him sing it live. I don’t care what anyone says, that is his best song ever. No one talks about it but it totally rocks. Please Maxwell “Drown Deep Hula”

  3. Sarah Says:

    Good Evening, don’t know who you guys are but thank you so much for posting my request on your twitter page. Hopefully, he’ll get it but more importantly I’m praying that he’ll comply. With love and gratitude, Sarah!

  4. Lupe Rose Says:

    Second time seeing Maxwell, in San Diego House of Blues. Drove 3 1/2 hours for the concert, worth every mile & Minute, I have been looking for Maxwell to come out for years now… so long over due but of course worth the wait! Maxwell is one of the sexiest men alive…and his sensual music soothes my soul…. Will always be a true fan I can and always purchase his music as soon as it hits the stores, no need to pre listen…but I guess thats what a true fan does…. to Maxwell keep on keeping on…. God bless his every move much love & success…

  5. Shani Says:

    I would also kill to hear him perform Drown Deep/Hula. It’s still my all-time favorite. 2nd would be Reunion. Seems a lot of people like these songs but he never performs them. Maybe if enough of us request them…

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