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June 15, 2009

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June 13, 2009

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MAXWELL – BLACKsummers’night now available for (pre-order)!

May 12, 2009

bsn_cover_amaWhat a joyous day!

MAXWELL‘s newest release BLACKsummers’night is now available for pre-order on The links have been activated for the CD (pre-order) as well as the CD/DVD deluxe combination (pre-order)

For those of you who are fans…you know what to do.

Special thanks to Sanjay for sending the links this past weekend!

HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY: You Are Appreciated!

May 9, 2009

Image via

Greetings everyone, I hope this message finds you all in okay, if not great spirits. I most definitely had to take the time and show love to ALL women, regardless of the fact you have children or not, as women who potentially may act in the role of MOTHER one day or who is in fact a MOTHER…I just wanted to let you all know YOU ARE APPRECIATED.

Please enjoy the featured song, Dear Mama by Tupac. While the story he tells in the song does not reflect my relationship with my own mother, the key phrase that many children can relate to concerning their mothers is no matter what, you truly are appreciated.

To my own mother, aka SUPER MOMMY, I gladly stand as 2.0.
(Its okay sometimes if people think you are just like your mother…seriously!)

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Peace Be With You

Support “Pretty Wings” (Request It)

May 4, 2009

Maxwell’s “Pretty Wings” will impact radio airwaves May 05, 2009 (Mediabase). Currently, “Pretty Wings” is on Billboard’s Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hop Singles chart, just a breath away from Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks chart. So, if you are loving what you hear, let everyone know!! Take the time and make a request to your local radio, vote for the video AND download the single online to show your support for the music. Check out the links below.

Request the song to Radio:
Buffalo, NYWBLK 93.7 FM | Request Line: 714-644-9393 | Request Online
Rochester, NYWDKX 103.9 FM | Request Online
New York, NYWBLS 107.5 FM | Request Line: 212-545-1075 | Request Fax: 212-447-5211 | Request Online
Los Angeles, CAKDAY 93.5 FM | Request Line: 323-520-5329 | Request Online
Los Angeles, CAKJLH 102.3 FM | Request Line: 310-520-KJLH | Request Online
Chicago, ILWGCI 107.5 FM | Request Line: 312-591-1075 | Request Online
San Francisco-Oakland, CAKBLX 102.9 FM | Request Line: 1-800-683-KBLX | Request Online
San Francisco-Oakland, CAKMEL 106.1 FM | Request Line: 1-800-955-KMEL | Request Online
Dallas-Ft. Worth, TXKRNB 105.7 FM | Request Line: 214-787-1057 or 1-800-310-1057 (toll free) | Request Online
Dallas-Ft. Worth, TXKSoul 94.5 FM | Request Line: 214-787-1945 | Request Online
Houston, TXMajic 102.1 FM | Request Line: 713-390-5102 | Request Online
Houston, TXKBXX 97.9 FM | Request Line: 713-390-5979 | Request Online
Atlanta, GAKiss 104.1 FM | Request Online
Atlanta, GAWAMJ 102.5 FM | Request Line: 404-832-7200 | Request Online
Atlanta, GAWVEE V103 FM | Request Line: 404-741-9833 | Request Online
Philadelphia, PAWDAS 105.3 FM | Request Line: 215-263-1053 | Request Online
Philadelphia, PAWRNB107.9 FM | Request Line: 215-263-1079 | Request Online
Philadelphia, PAWUSL – Power 99 FM | Request Line: 215-263-6699 or 1-800-669-99FM (toll free) | Request Text: P99FM | Request Online
Washington, DCMajic 102.3 FM | Request Line | Request Online
Washington, DCWPGC 95.5 FM | Request Line: 202-432-9595 or 1-877-955-JAMS(5267) | Request Text: 95501 | Request Online
Detroit, MIWJLB 97.9 FM | Request Line: 313-298-7098 | Request Online
Detroit, MIWDMK 105.9 FM | Request Line: 313-259-2000 | Request Online
Detroit, MI Mix 92.3 FM | Request Line: 313-298-7923 | Request Online
Miami, FLWEDR 99.1 FM | Request Line: 1-866-991-JAMZ | Request Online
Miami, FLWHQT 105.1 FM | Request Line: 1-888-550-9105 | Request Online
Miami, FLWMIB 103.5 FM | Request Line: 1-866-964-BEAT | Request Online
Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL WBTP 95.7 FM | Request Line: 1-800-930-BEAT, 813-960-BEAT (Hillsborough), 727-497-BEAT (Pinellas) | Request Text: Text 957 plus your request to 68255, Alltell: #BEAT | Request Online
Tampa-St. Petersburg, FLWTMP 96.1 AM | Business Line: 813-620-1300 | Request Online
St. Louis, MOKMJM 104.9 FM | Request Line: 314-969-1049 | Request Online
St. Louis, MOFOXY 95.5 FM | Request Line: 314-969-1049 | Request Online
St. Louis, MOHot 104.1 FM | Request Line: 314-969-1041 or 618-399-1041 | Request Online
Baltimore, MDWERQ 92Q FM | Request Line: 410-481-9292 | Request Fax: 410-944-1282 | Request Online
Baltimore, MDMagic 95.9 FM | Request Line: 410-481-9590 | Request Online
Charlotte, NCWBAV 101.9 FM | Request Line: 704-570-1019 | Request Online
Charlotte, NCWPEG 97.9 FM | Request Line: 704-570-9734 | Request Online

Vote for the Video:
-BET’s 106 and Park | Maxwell’s “Pretty Wings” premiered on BET’s 106 and Park April 28, 2009. If you want it on the countdown, call  1-800-617-5483 or vote online. Remember BET’s 106 & Park airs Monday thru Friday, 6pm ET.

-VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown | Vote here. Use the wild card section at the bottom, type in “MAXWELL” and “PRETTY WINGS” then drag and drop it in the number 1 position. Remember the Top 20 Countdown airs on VH1 every Saturday and repeats on Sunday.

Check out these places where you can buy your very own copy of Maxwell’s “Pretty Wings”. Amazon, iTunes, Rhapsody, Zune

Don’t see your radio station’s info, check out

Sources: Image via iTunes, Billboard Update (Issue Date: MAY 09, 2009)