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BUY: Bad Habits (full version)

June 9, 2009

m_bad_habits, now has a listing for the full length version of Bad Habits (MP3). Also, you can now pre-order your copy of BLACKsummers’night on iTunes as well. Pure coolness!


Source: @_MAXWELL_ on twitter


BLACKsummers’night cover: What Do You Think?

May 21, 2009

THE LATEST MAXWELL NEWS wants to know what you think about MAXWELL’s new album cover for BLACKsummers’night (JULY 07, 2009)? Do you love it, hate it, could it have been better, what do you think about the colors, let LMN know.

view cover larger at

Make sure you have got your copy of BLACKsummers’night pre-ordered in CD/DVD deluxe combination (pre-order) or CD (pre-order)

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BUY: Pretty Wings (full version)

April 21, 2009, now has a listing for the full length version of Pretty Wings (MP3) which will be released, April 28, 2009.

Pretty Wings (Uncut) 5:09

Check out these other places where you can buy your very own copy of Maxwell’s “Pretty Wings”. Amazon, Rhapsody, Zune

Sources: Tony & iTunes

Release Date for [BLACK]summers’night (2009)

April 11, 2009

date can be found on Twitter at


MAXWELL’s (BLACKsummers’night) Receives Praise!

April 10, 2009

Just as I was about to fall into dreamworld, I checked Twitter and saw that a one Lisa Ellis tweeted that Maxwell’s new LP is on point! Check out for the link to Lisa Ellis’ tweet.

If you’re wondering who Lisa Ellis is, from reading her bio she previously (as in possibly, no longer) held a position as Executive Vice President of Sony Music Label Group.

Also, if you follow interviews that Maxwell has done, Ms. Ellis is quoted as saying the following about Maxwell’s absence and the lack thereof of scandal,

“That’s what I think was the most puzzling thing for mostly the media to even understand…”

and also

“No, he didn’t crash. No, he didn’t gain 500 pounds. No, he didn’t have a drug problem. No, he didn’t go off the deep end. He was just living.”

from Maxwell returns, refreshed and ready to tour (The Boston Globe 2008, pg. 2).

UPDATE: More Praise for MAXWELL’s BLACKsummers’night from BET Executive Editor of Music @AnderasHale (April 20, 2009).