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March 23, 2009


Over the weekend, Fortunate played on the radio. You might ask yourself, what’s so special or different about hearing the song this past weekend? Its simple. This particular time, it sparked a memory. One that was acknowledged as being a decade old. Oh my, a decade! This just cannot be, ten years, we all have been graced with this lovely song. Love has been made, children conceived, lovers’ quarrel’s mended and so on to Fortunate by Maxwell. I remember when this song first came out and many people around me not knowing who Maxwell was, it is true! Of course, after he hit those opening notes and that video (you know THAT video)…he solidified his position in their minds as an artist to definitely watch and “get to know” for the coming years.

Written by R. Kelly. Featured in the 1999 motion picture, LIFE starring Eddie Murphy & Martin Lawrence. Brought to fame and glory by Maxwell, here’s Fortunate. Hope you watch it and remember a special moment.